Here at Elemental we’re always looking for high-quality brands that create their products with compassion for the patients in mind. This is why, if you follow our menu regularly, you’ll notice an influx of new products every month or so: we want to be sure we’re following the latest trends to bring you, our members, the products and prices you’re looking for. We’re excited to introduce three new brands across the flower and oil extract categories that we feel bring even more quality and uniqueness to our already-robust selection:

Fig Farms: You may have already browsed yesterday’s Featured Provider segment on Fig Farms, but if not, let us give you a quick rundown. Fig Farms is a multiple-time HTCC-winning flower provider based out of Sonoma County, making a name for themselves over the past several years with their proprietary line of Fig-based genetics. Lauded by the award circuits and various media outlets alike (mentioned in articles such as The Best Weed Left in California and The 5 Strains We’re Most Excited For. Uzbeki (24.00% THC), a 50/50 hybrid offering a Wreck-like aroma with dense, spiked nugs and relaxing effects, and the beautiful White Nectarine (27.01% THC), also a 50/50 hybrid providing finger-sized purple nugs drenched in jaw-dropping trichomes are already available on the artisan top shelf @ $50/8th! Still to drop within the coming weeks are HTCC 1st-place winner Banana Fig #8 (22.26% THC) and Purple Fig (25.73% THC), both offering sweet, earthy aromas with decidedly relaxing, indica-dominant effects. All Fig Farms strains are $50/8th while supplies last, check out our online menu to see which strains are currently available!

The Village: A California-based cannabis producer for the last decade, we’re proud to welcome The Village to the menu, now offering their high-CBD strain Center (11.9% CBD, 7.9% THC) at just $40/eighth, while supplies last! Boasting several awards over the past few years from the likes of High Times, Hempcon, and Chalice, we’re stoked to add such a revered provider to the flower menu. The brand’s high-CBD Center is an prototypical example of the strength of the fabled Entourage Effect, as its ideal cannabinoid balance creates full-flower, synergistic effects that provide palpably therapeutic and psychoactive effects. One of the prettiest high-CBD we’ve had the privilege of laying our eyes on, these fluffy, triangle-shaped nugs are covered in a deep purple hue, reminiscent of an old-school Granddaddy Purple. Ask your consultant more about The Village or to check out Center, available while supplies last, on your next visit!

Dime Bag Co.: Representing the oil extract menu for our concentrate connoisseurs, we’re happy to offer several new options from the folks at Dime Bag Co.! Making a foray into extracts after successful entry into the flower market, Dime Bag now offers quality extract at the tremendous value of just $30/gram. We’ve already rolled out their GG #4 (63% THC) and Lemon OG (66% THC), both sativa-leaning hybrids offering a malleable consistency, pleasantly golden hue, and perfectly uplifting effects! Fellow sativa-heavy strain Pineapple Trainwreck Live Sugar is set to drop within the coming weeks @ $30/gram as well, providing a great one-two-three combo to have in your stash for when the time is right. Ask your consultant to check out the great value on these Dime Bag extracts on your next visit!

That’s it for this month, folks -- stay tuned for more updates on new drops next month, or just check our online menu, which is updated in real time daily!

Hope to see you in soon!