High Times’ NorCal Cannabis Cup is consistently marked in red on the Elemental Wellness calendar each year -- it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our best products, meet with curious customers, and scout out local premium brands to help provide an even-more-robust selection for you, our wonderful members! Over the past few events, Fig Farms has stood out from the pack with its one-of-a-kind product, winding lines to its booth, and its 2017 1st-place finish in the ‘Best Indica Flower’ category for Banana Fig #8. Today, we’re happy to finally add this award-winning, world-renowned brand to the menu -- Purple Fig (25.73% THC) is now available with several other ‘Fig’ strains to be released over the coming weeks.

Fig Farms operates from within the fertile soil of Sonoma County, focusing mainly on proprietary strains boasting powerhouse genetics -- per Leafly, “their use of original landrace strains for breeding allows them to spawn hybrids with extremely unique characteristics not found in any other breeding lines.” In addition to Fig’s Cannabis Cup success, the team has received heaps of laud from several outlets, including being named among The Best Weed Left in California and The 5 Strains We’re Most Excited For by Cannabis Now, receiving a 4.5-star rating from Here4TheFlavor, and more!

Now, Elemental is gettin’ figgy with it just in time for spring as we prepare to roll out four Fig Farms classic strains over the coming weeks: Purple Fig, Banana Fig #8, White Nectarine, and Uzbeki.

Purple Fig, currently available on the top shelf at $50/8th, provides users with perfectly fluffy nugs, a refined purple hue throughout the bud’s structure, and a sweet, citrusy aroma primed to leave users in a state of mildly-mildly sedated bliss. Similar to other purple, indica-dominant strains such as Purple Punch, Purple Afgoo, 5 Alive, and others.

Fig’s HTCC winner, Banana Fig #8, is set to drop tomorrow (Sat., 3/30) at $50/8th as well. Testing at 22.26% THC, users will immediately notice the spikey bud structure and deep purple hue throughout. Toss in a dense layer of visible trichomes, and we’re challenged to think of another strain that can match the Banana Fig in terms of bag appeal. Delivering on the smoke as well, users will enjoy a subtle banana/earthy flavor that can only be described as totally terptastic.

Also set to be released within the coming weeks are White Nectarine (27.01% THC) and Uzbeki (24% THC), both listed as 50/50 hybrids and offering large, chunky nuggets.

Per GreenRush, Nectarine is “so delicious and full bodied, yet sweet -- earning its name ‘nectar.’ The taste is as distinctly memorable as the smell. Works wonders for pain -- alleviates depressed states and has been reported by chronically ill patients to help manage pain.’ Offers users a fruity, citrus-like aroma and finger-sized purple buds. Offering supreme balance within the indica-sativa spectrum, this is certainly a make-it-what-you-will type of experience.

Lastly, Uzbeki offers users a sweet and piney, Trainwreck-esque aroma, finding a balance between uplifting and sedating effects helping users maintain equilibrium. Providing triangle-shaped buds with wild orange hairs strewn throughout, we recommend utilizing a grinder to get the most out of this dense, well-grown strain. Similar to strains such as Karma Wreck, Jack Wreck, Cherry Pie, and others.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out our Fig Farms selection on your next visit -- these award-winning genetics won’t be around for long.

Hope to see you in!