One of our longest-tenured providers on the menu, our friends at Legion of Bloom have been providing quality medicine ranging across the entire menu for the last few years. Veteran members may remember their Island Sweet Skunk flower and premium rosin from our early days on Timothy Road -- now, we’re happy to offer several top-of-the-line cartridge selections designed both for 510 threading and PAX ERA use.

The folks at Legion of Bloom have long been trailblazers in California’s innovative cannabis industry. Per Legion’s website:

“The Legion of Bloom started with five people united by a common goal: to create incredible cannabis products that help our customers, offer an unmatched experience, and are produced the right way. That means no chemicals, no harmful pesticides, and no additives. Just pure, natural cannabis products designed for discerning users. All of our products are lab tested, and all of our testing information is available to our customers.

Being transparent is important to us because we take what we put into our own bodies seriously and we know that our customers feel the same way. Our five founders have more than half a century of experience in every facet of the industry and a deep reverence for the cannabis plant. We're not just a cannabis company, we're a part of this culture. That's why everything we do is about giving you the best, most natural cannabis products we possibly can. We know it's what you expect from us, because it's what we expect from ourselves.


The Legion of Bloom is the recipient of 10 industry awards because we're compassionate, conscious, and focused on sustainability. That means environmental responsibility, but it also means doing everything we can to give back to cannabis culture so that we can all thrive together.”

Members are likely familiar with Legion’s 510-compatible Monarch cartridges, their award-winning line that offers a “pure, perfect cannabis experience.” The key is combining organically-grown THC oil with cannabis-sourced terpenes for a true-to-the-original-strain vaporizing experience. Sourcing all terpenes from a single source, Bloom is able to perfectly remake the taste, aroma, and effects of smoking a particular strain in the form of their clean vapor. $39/half gram cartridge, while supplies last.

Among the newest products available on the menu, new L.O.B. PAX pods offer a variety of great selections designed for use specifically with the popular PAX Era battery. Enjoy your choice of several flavor and effect profiles, with current offerings of Lavender Kush, Nina Limone, and Terrapin 1:1 CBD! These “High Intensity Pods allow for up to 3x the vapor....very potent with exceptional flavor these ERA pods create a smooth, clean, vaporizing experience.” $50/half gram cartridge, while supplies last.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out Legion’s vaporizer options on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!