Here at Elemental, we’re always committed to sourcing the highest-quality, most sought-out products for our members to choose from. While maintaining a core selection of tried-and-true options from trusted providers as well, we’re constantly searching for new products that are a good fit for our vision of clean and reliable wellness. We feel we’ve identified a handful of new products from reputable vendors that we feel make a great addition to our already-expansive menu.

Let’s take a brief look at some of our most recent additions:

Raw Garden’s Sauce Cartridges: The freshest addition to the cartridge menu, and the menu in general, Raw Garden’s new terptastic Sauce Cartridges boast flavor, potency and a great price. Strains are subject to change, but as of initial release date (3/1/2019) Sour Tangie, Lime Mojito, 3 Bears OG, Blueberry Punch, Strawberry Chem, and Bisti Badlands will be available for order @ $35/half gram, while supplies last. Made with refined live resin, which maintains Raw Garden sauce’s same, great flavor, but with a slightly higher potency that works well for cartridges. THC content is between 75%-85% with 10%-15% terpenes -- terpenes are all cannabis-derived.

KIVA’s Camino Gummies: The newest edible offering from the folks at KIVA offers a memorable one-of-a-kind consistency, unforgettable flavor, and potent effects. Offered in four distinct, unique varieties (Blenheim Apricot, Pineapple Habanero, Sparkling Pear, & Wild Berry), there’s a Camino variety for every type of edible fan, perfect for helping you transition from winter to spring with style. $18/pack, with all packs containing 100mg THC, except for Sparkling Pear, which offers 120mg CBD & 40mg THC.

Lowell Herb Co.’s Variety Pack and Quicks: Sure, you’re familiar with Lowell’s effect-specific 7-pack prerolls, but now we introduce two new exciting varieties: Variety Pack and Quicks. The new variety pack combines seven different strains in a single pack (currently composed of two sativas, two indicas, and three hybrids) to give you the choice to run the gauntlet of cannabis effects, having a remedy for any situation that may arise. Quicks are designed for the solo smoker, offering packs of 10 smaller prerolls, testing around 18% THC. Ideal for a quick walk or sneak away from the fam at a stressful gathering.

Legion of Bloom’s PAX Pods: Another longtime provider, we’ve carried L.O.B. flower, extracts, and cartridges for years, but we’re happy to bring on their newest addition, their PAX-compatible pods, designed for use with the PAX ERA. Enjoy your choice of several flavor and effect profiles, with current offerings of Lavender Kush, Nina Limone, and Terrapin 1:1 CBD! These “High Intensity Pods allow for up to 3x the vapor....very potent with exceptional flavor these ERA pods create a smooth, clean, vaporizing experience.” $50/half gram, while supplies last.

Be sure to ask your consultant about our new menu additions on your next visit!