Though it feels like we just celebrated New Year’s yesterday, it seems that spring is nearly upon us as the calendar turns from February to March. With warmer days and festival season on the horizon, many members are seeking the ideal stash to aid in the seasonal transition -- we’ve done our part by compiling our favorite Elemental products across the board to help you in your search. Available as of 3/15/2019.

KIVA'S Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies: EWC’s newest edible option will have you feeling as cool as cruising down the PCH with your speakers blaring from your 1979 El Camino! KIVA’s new Camino offerings provide an unmatched, satisfying consistency, and their Sparkling Pear variety offers a high-CBD ratio ideal for helping with anxiety, pain, and depression. 120mg CBD & 40mg THC available in each pack, spread out over 20 gummies. Tasty and effective!

Select’s Maui Wowie Cartridge: Select has quickly become one of our most popular vaporizer providers with their hard-hitting CCELL technology, and their Maui Wowie variety is the perfect pocket companion to carry with you into the springtime. A Hawaiian sativa, Leafly describes Wowie as having a smell reminiscent of "sweet pineapples." Further strengthening its case for springtime specialty, Leafly goes on to praise Maui's effects: "Lightweight sativa effects allow your mind to drift away to creative escapes, while its motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun."

Henry's Original Sour Maui flower: Providing users with palpably uplifting effects and a fresh, fruity flavor, few strains prepare its users for springtime better than Sour Maui (19.85% THC). The strain’s overabundance of glistening trichomes coating its exterior will be the first to catch your eye, but the amazing flavor and potency will keep it there. Truly a fabulous, one-of-a-kind strain to celebrate the turning of seasons with.

Hashy Larry’s Killer Fruit Cured Sauce: Don’t fret, concentrate connoisseurs, we have a deliciously dabbable extract from our friends at Hashy Larry lined up as well -- Killer Fruit Sauce (60.91% THC) is an indica-dominant, but still balanced, hybrid offering a sweet, berry like flavor and a supremely saucy consistency. Ideal for dabbers, Killer Fruit drips off the tool onto the nail, providing users with thick, milky rips, best taken in the shade on a warm day. Great anytime strain, but particularly useful as a re-energizer in the midst of a midday lull.

Field Extracts’ Strawberry Banana Full Melt: Looking to replenish your cannabinoid receptors? Grab a fresh gram of Strawberry Banana Full Melt (78.14% THC), a terptastic coldwater extract from the gurus over at Field Extracts. An indica-leaning hybrid, both your cannabinoid receptors and taste buds will be thanking you for choosing this fine extract. Great for a pre-game at a spring picnic at the park or catching Giants Opening Day in San Francisco! At $80/gram, SB is a great option for coldwater connoisseurs seeking maximum THC and terpene content.
Be sure to ask your consultant about some of our spectacular springtime specialties on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!