Happy Presidents’ Day Weekend, Elemental Family!
We hope you’re enjoying your extended break, and invite you to join us for presidential savings now thru Prez Day (Mon. 2/18) on a plethora of products across the board! Don’t be a lame duck -- these are a collection of specials you surely won’t want to veto, including 50% OFF select prerolls, 20% OFF CBD, 10% OFF delivery orders, and much more (see here for full breakdown of weekend deals). Let’s take a look at five EWC products that will help you enjoy your 3-day weekend that much more!

FloraCal’s Holy Grail OG: The President of the United States is, generally, the most respected and sought-out position in politics...some might even say it’s, ahem, usually, the Holy Grail of political titles. Holy Grail OG from FloraCal is a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid offering a classically kushy aroma and-pain relieving effects. Clocking in at 20.7% THC, this strain would help any president with some quality R&R following a taxing day of presidential duties! Similar to other kush family strains, such as Kosher Kush, Legendary White OG, Irene OG, etc.

Lowell Farms’ Royal Highness Preroll: Presidents tend to have busy schedules, and with such, may not have the luxury of time to roll their own flower. But no need to declare a national emergency -- Elemental offers pre-rolled joints from Lowell Herb Co. to save time on rolling to focus on the issues that really matter. For the POTUS, we’d recommend nothing less than the Royal Highness (19% THC), a strain fit for kings, and even the occasional jester. Similar to Dream Queen, Blue Dream, Zelly’s Gift, etc.

Utopia’s Royal Kush Live Cake: A fan of heavily indica-dominant extracts? This one takes the cake -- Utopia’s Royal Kush Live Cake (66.67% THC) is a revered calming and pain-relieving strain known for its ability to help its users battle insomnia. Thus, Royal Kush is an ideal strain to help a president shut down after a long, stormy day of presidential duties. Yes, when it comes to sedating indica extracts, this one may trump them all. So, next time someone asks you, “How do you sleep at night!?,” you can tell them, “Royal Kush, man, Royal Kush.” Similar to Hindu Kush, Master Kush, 9-lb Hammer, etc.

Flow Kana’s Harmony Rose: The Commander in Chief is expected to remain calm in even the most stressful of situations, and for help with that we recommend our Harmony Rose (8.09% CBD, 6.96% THC) from Flow Kana, a relaxing high-CBD hybrid recommended for anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and more. Boasting a 1:1 THC-to-CBD ratio, the entourage effect is on full display with this beauty, providing users with well-rounded, synergistic effects. Perfect for the moments when it feels like there’s a wall between your head and your heart -- puff on some Rose to regain your inner Harmony. Similar to Cannatonic, Harlequin, Johnny’s Tonic, etc. Get it on Sunday, February 17th to receive 20% OFF!

Kaneh Co.’s Best of Both Worlds Brownie: Kaneh Co.’s Best of Both Worlds Brownie is a potent (100mg THC) and delicious way for users to take a step back, and possibly gain a newfound perspective on a particular issue. Known to help calm the active mind, BOBWB has been reported to aid users with participating in thoughtful rhetoric, allowing them to listen to and consider the viewpoints of others, rather than to thoughtlessly and impulsively blurt out nonsense. Truly amazing! Rich fudge brownie meets chocolate cookies in one delectable treat. Enjoy BOBWB at 15% OFF when you stop in between 4PM-9PM on Saturday, February 16th!

Be sure to ask your consultant about our wonderful Presidents’ Day products on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!