The Super Bowl has long been an event that has transcended the NFL and really, the game of football itself -- friends and family all gather together every year to celebrate this uniquely American event, whether or not they’re actual sports fans. Yes, each year, whether the much-maligned, annoyingly-successful Tom Brady is making another appearance, or a young quarterback with roots in the Bay Area is making his first-ever showing, many of us will come together to celebrate; and whether you’re stoked for the game, just excited to hang with friends, or are simply trying to appease your significant other, Elemental has a plethora of selections to make your Super Bowl Sunday more enjoyable! So without further ado, we take a look across the field at five EWC products that will have you feeling super for this Sunday! (Accurate as of 1/31/2019, products available while supplies last)

Henry’s Original Mango: Mango (16.83% THC) is an indica-leaning, but fairly evenly-balanced hybrid from the folks at Henry’s, who utilize an all-natural growing process with the enviable soil of Mendocino County at their disposal. Henry’s Mango provides users with full-body buzz, while still maintaining enough energy to spread some high-fives around the room when your team scores or you win one of petty in-game Bowl bets. Regularly $30/8th, but on sale for $25 (save $5, no limit) on Saturday, February 2nd.

Hashy Larry’s The Vision Cured Sauce: The Vision Cured Sauce (71.73% THC) is a 50/50 hybrid packing powerfully-potent punch, sure to have you and your party sufficiently stoned for the big game! This strain’s powerful genetics (Ohio Lemon G x Do Si Do) coupled with Hashy Larry’s supreme extraction skills makes for a wonderfully refined final product, worthy of use for such a special event! Regularly $50/gram, but on special for just $39 (save $11, no limit) on Saturday, February 2nd.

Connoisseur Cones’ Purple Punch Preroll: Long serving as a staple on the EWC preroll menu, Connoisseur Cones offers unmatched consistency and quality, and their current rendition of Purple Punch (25.02% THC) is certainly no exception. Providing sky-high THC content contained in a perfectly-constructed shell, this one certainly lives up to its name, providing quite the “punch” for even the most vigorous veterans. Punch is heavily indica-dominant, making it an ideal choice for those who’d rather relax in the background than actively participate during the game. Regularly $16/each, but 30% off on Saturday, February 2nd.

Plus' Sour Blueberry Gummies: Plus’ Sour Blueberry gummies (100mg THC) are the perfect choice for edible fans seeking a tasty, delightfully-dosable option that won’t incapacitate them for the main event. Also, it’s the ideal choice for anybody that may be an...ahem...sour blueberry about Tom Brady reaching the Super Bowl yet again. Containing just 5mg THC per bite, this is the quintessential snack to slowly munch on throughout the entirety of the game. $15/each for 100mg, tin contains 20 five-mg bites.

Select’s NYC Diesel Cartridge: A great choice for the family-centric Super Bowl gathering, Select’s NYC Diesel cart (83.76% THC) allows for discreet consumption in terms of both aroma and visible effects. Not only does Select product a subtle fragrance, but its heavily sativa-dominant effects will have you alert and awake to both enjoy the game and handle any family obligations you may have. Available for $50/gram, and receive a free Select battery with the purchase of any cartridge on Sunday, February 3rd.

Anything we missed? Let us know your favorite Super Bowl products on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Also, be sure to ask your consultant to check out these products and other Super Bowl weekend specials on your next visit. Hope to see you soon!