Hailing from the oft-lauded Cookies family, Sherbet is one dessert strain that certainly hasn’t got lost in the seemingly endless shuffle of sweet-sounding strains dominating the market in California and beyond. Sometimes referred to as Sunset Sherbet as well, Sherb is the result of a cross between G.S. Cookies and Pink Panties, retaining Cookies’ renowned earthy-sweet flavor and dense bud structure, while providing a perceptible bit of invigoration as well from Pink Panties’ noted citrusy contributions. Weighing in at 85% Indica and 15% Sativa, this breakdown may be a tad misleading, as, through extensive personal experience, we’ve found the strain’s effects to behave more along the lines of a true hybrid.

The strain was introduced to the world by renowned Cookies Fam -- also responsible for other dessert-themed strains such as G.S. Cookies, Gelato, London Poundcake, etc. Its effects are described by many as “functionally pain-relieving” and is known to test around 20% THC -- enough to give members a discernible buzz, but at the same time not quite enough to totally incapacitate users. Its appearance falls in line with what you’ve likely come to expect from Cookies crosses: tightly-wound with a consistently-dense structure, dark green hues throughout with sprinkles of purple and blue, and with a pleasantly familiar spicy-sweet flavor emanating from our jar.

Sherbet’s notably refined aroma is the result of the strain’s most prevalent terpenes: Caryophyllene and Limonene. Caryophyllene is regarded as a spicy-smelling terpene that’s found in a wide variety of edible plants. Effects-wise, users can anticipate anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant effects. Limonene, on the other hand, carries the mildly sweet and fruit fragrance the strain exhibits courtesy of its parent plant, Pink Panties. It’s known to provide both enhanced mood and palpable stress relief for users.

We were fortunate enough to sample a quality batch of Sherbet (22.80% THC) from the folks at Henry’s Original, currently available at Elemental Wellness (as of 1/28/2019) for just $30/eighth, WSL. We had high hopes for this hand-trimmed, all-natural flower from Mendocino County, and it certainly did not disappoint! The strain's nostalgic, Cookies-esque scent gave us an aromatic smack in the face upon cracking the jar, and its uniformly dense nugs rolled onto our prep tray with a delightfully uneven tumble, spilling end over end across the surface before stopping in the 'gutter.' We reached for our grinder in order to get the most from these notoriously tight buds, gave it a few spins of the wrist, and emptied our broken-down product into our patiently-awaiting RAW rolling paper.

After twisting the end off of our freshly rolled joint, we put flame to flower, inhaled, and initiated lift off -- we were first met with an incredibly fresh ‘green hit,’ offering the strain’s anticipated earthy flavor, but with a surprising freshness -- grown and harvested perfectly, great job to Henry’s! Sherb’s lauded relaxing and pain-relieving effects began to take hold almost immediately after consumption -- a palpable ‘heaviness’ manifested itself in our legs, followed by the revered ‘tingly’ sensation that slowly set in from head to toe. We finished the entirety of the joint for good measure (and also because we really enjoy cannabis), but realistically could have concluded our session after the first couple of puffs: we were sufficiently medicated in addition to a pleasant cerebral effect courtesy of Sherb’s manageable THC content. When finished, we snuffed out our roach, settled in, and thoroughly enjoyed the duration of the strain’s long-lasting effects.

Our final thoughts: Sherbet is a wonderful and effective strain for anybody that loves cannabis -- but for those partial to indica-dominant strains and Cookies Fam genetics, Sherbet is an absolute must try! View all our current Sherbet offerings here, and don’t forget to ask your consultant to check our selection on your next visit!