You may have noticed a new name popping up on the Elemental flower menu over the past month, offering hearty, four-gram eighths w/ high quality nuggets at a majorly manageable $35/8th pricepoint. Pacific Reserve is a Monterey County-based organic cannabis nursery, producing award-winning genetics, and currently offering both flower and premium prerolls on the EWC menu. We’re proud to be working with such a quality, compassionate company and are excited to continue bringing our members quality products at great prices moving forward!

We currently have four premium strains on hand from PR, all priced at just $35/8th: Kosher Dog, Miss USA, Ruby Slippers, and Super Glue. These four strains cover sativa, indica, and hybrid, providing a variety for every type of smoker! Accurate as of 1/10/2019. Following descriptions are taken from Pacific Reserve’s website:

Kosher Dog: This unique Indica pheno is crossed with Star Dawg (Guava) and Kosher Kush. You’ll notice the Kush flavors dominate with a clear blend of classic earth, pine, and gas.

Kosher Dog relaxes your body and melts away stresses with a strong all-over high that is perfect for winding down from a long day. Novice consumers should proceed with caution; Kosher Dog can leave you couch-locked if you consume too much too quickly.


Bred exclusively by DNA Genetics and selected by Pacific Reserve.


Miss USA: The signature scent of Miss USA comes from its Strawberry Banana lineage. A sweet, distinct fruit smoothie flavor is present with a subtle unexpected gassy-note finish that coats your tongue, when you exhale.


This Hybrid has an addictive flavor with an anti-anxiety high, Miss USA is perfect when you want to be productive, especially if you’re looking to turn on your creative juices.


A cross of Kosher Kush and Strawberry Banana, Miss USA is bred by DNA Genetics and grown by Pacific Reserve.


Ruby Slippers: Named after her bright red stems Ruby Slippers is a perfect daytime flower, providing a cerebral high that hits quick and strong, which ignites creativity and helps complete your honey-do list.


A special Sativa strain, this pheno was hand-selected from over 200 varieties. Ruby Slippers is a cross between Ancient OG and Kayas Dream #38 (Blue Dream •x• Chem). She has an Earthy taste with a berry twist when you inhale and finishes with a touch of fuel on the exhalation.


Ruby Slippers was bred by Seed Logic Genetics and this pheno was selected by and is in production with Pacific Reserve.


Super Glue: An aromatic cut, our Super Glue has a strong ‘nose’ thanks to GG which produces a signature piney flavor that take center stage upon your initial inhale.


Recognized as rosemary, the pine flavor is quickly balanced with an earthy umami taste on the exhale. Super Glue’s Gelato genes linger offering a flavorful citrus finish and uplifting high. This Hybrid is perfect for yoga, hiking, or weekend events as you’re not left ‘couch-locked.’


And lastly, don’t forget to try out Reserve’s premium prerolls, weighing in at 0.7 grams, and at just $7/each. Great for the no-hassle user looking to smoke on the go!


Be sure to ask your consultant to check out Pacific Reserve’s selection in person on your next visit! Hope to see you in soon.