If you’ve made it to downtown San Jose within the past week, you may have noticed something strange: the normally still-holiday-centric decorations beautifying Cesar Chavez Park and the surrounding area are already in the process of being removed, and replaced with 2019 NCAA National Championship paraphernalia. That’s right -- we’ll forgive you if it slipped your mind, but way back in 2015, Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium was chosen as the location for this year’s National Championship game. That means San Jose will serve as the de-facto host city for NCAA’s fan experience, turning all of DTSJ into a temporary ‘College Gameday’ set from Fri., Jan. 4th thru Mon., Jan. 7th. Whether you’ll be checking out DTSJ’s fan experience, attending the actual game at Levi’s, or simply trying to avoid all the madness, Elemental has the perfect products to make next weekend a supremely enjoyable one:

The “checking out the fan experience” selections: It’s an exciting time for the DTSJ area -- we’re expecting tens of thousands of out-of-state visitors and our homey downtown area will be the source of their fascination. You don’t even necessarily have to be a sports fan to check out the NCAA fan experience -- just a fan of San Jose or people-watching in general should do. Spanning the course of four days, you can pop in for just a little while, or enjoy all four days of excitement! For this course of action, we’d recommend a flower or oil extract selection to add some palpable psychoactivity while challenging yourself with the interactive experiences offered in DTSJ; just don’t get too loopy while taking part in physical activities -- responsibility is clutch! For flower, we like our current batch of Zelly's Gift from LitHouse Farms (21.77% THC, $50/8th), a sativa-leaning hybrid known for its sweet/piney flavor and uplifting effects. From our oil selection, we’d recommend Loud Pack's Lemon Chem Live Sugar (73% THC, $35/gram), a supremely sativa-dominant hybrid guaranteed to have your head in the game! While supplies last.

The “heading to the game” selections: So you’ve decided to shell out a couple Benjamins for prime tickets to the main event at Levi’s on January 7th -- good call, this is a once-in-a-lifetime Bay Area event, and looks to be a great game! This course of action calls for something a bit more subtle in our expert opinion -- something to just add a little bit extra to your already awesome experience, not totally take it over. This leads us to recommend either a vaporizer cartridge or low-dose edible selection to create enjoyable, functional effects for those attending the event. We recommend Red Phi’s disposable Sunset Sherbet cartridge ($30/each) in this instance for its sleek design and apt name (the game begins at 5PM PST, aka sunset) to give you a discreet, yet powerful, vaporizing experience. For low-dose edibles, we’d point members toward KIVA’s renowned Petra Mints (100mg THC total, $22/each), weighing in at just 2.5mg THC apiece, and offering a refreshingly minty flavor, this the perfect treat to keep you buzzed and alert throughout the entire game. While supplies last.

The “just trying to avoid the madness” selections: Just an average San Josean looking to enjoy your weekend as usual, while avoiding all the tourist madness? That’s understandable as well, and we have several products that are right up your alley too. Though the days of 1,000mg+ edibles (looking at you, Korova Black Bar) are over in California due to Prop. 64, we still offer some particularly potent edibles guaranteed to aid in your indifference toward the weekend’s happenings. For a particularly couch-locked weekend, we’d recommend either Kaneh Co.'s Best of Both Worlds Brownie or Korova’s Mini Cookie varieties. Kaneh Co. has long served a member favorite for its potency, versatality, and great flavor -- its 'Best of Both Worlds' brownie is no exception, and will provide members with the BEST effects, no matter what WORLD they choose to inhabit this NCAA weekend! Korova may not have the Black Bar in California any more, but their Mini Cookies line clearly still delivers top results -- start small and increase your dose as needed for a relaxing, no-distractions weekend in the comfort of your own home. While supplies last.

As for us, you can find us at the Fan Experience and Live Concert Series in DTSJ throughout the weekend! We'll have some championship-exclusive coupons with us, so don't hesitate to stop by and say hello!

Be sure to ask your consultant about the aforementioned products on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon, and Happy National Championship week!