The countdown is on: Hurry into Elemental Wellness for a parade of delightful New Year’s discounts across the board! You won’t want to drop the ball on these massive savings -- enjoy up to 30% OFF your favorite flowers, oils, cartridges, glass, and more as we celebrate the transition into 2019! Whether you’re looking for a little something to add some spunk to your New Year’s Eve, or are looking for something to ease the pain of your New Year’s Day morning, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for on our laundry list of super savings!

The party begins on New Year’s Eve (open regular hours, 9AM-9PM) with a handful of hearty deals sure to get you in the mood for the new year. In addition to our category-specific deals, every member who makes an order will receive DOUBLE REWARD POINTS all day!

For those fond of flower, we have two eye-catching deals lined up: 25% OFF 4-gram eighths of Pacific Reserve and buy one eighth of Henry’s Original flower, get a second 50% OFF! We’re currently offering two strains of Pacific Reserve (reg. $35/eighth, both testing @ 23%+ THC) and three varieties of Henry’s (reg. $30/eighth, all testing @ 20%+). Toss in a $5 Pacific Reserve preroll (reg. $7) for good measure if you’re aiming for discreteness -- great for family gatherings.

We’ve got cartridge deals on deck for our concentrate connoisseurs as well: Enjoy all Sublime cartridges @ just $30/each (save $9, no limit) and get a Select brand half gram cartridge for JUST $1 when you order a full-gram Select cartridge (limit 1). Four varieties of Sublime currently available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties, and six varieties of Select available as well with an equally impressive diversity of selection.

Lastly, NYE is THE DAY to get that shiny new glass piece you’ve had your eye on for a while now -- all GLASS is 30% OFF ‘til close! Bongs, rigs, nails, bowls, the works -- all 30% OFF! Woo hoo!

And the savings don’t stop there: let us aid in your New Year’s Day recovery by offering 20% OFF all HIGH-CBD products (1:1 ration or higher, limit 1 use) ‘til close! Get those therapeutic cannabinoids coursing through your veins to bring you back to 100% and ready to take on 2019 like a champ!

Other savings include 20% OFF all RAW GARDEN SAUCE (reg. $35/gram), FREE VAPORIZER BATTERY w/ order for Select brand cartridge, 20% OFF when you buy four eighths of flower, and more!

Additionally, NYE’s 25% OFF Pacific Reserve and $5 Pacific Reserve prerolls continue ‘til close on NYD as well.

We hope to see you in, and happy new year!