Happy holidays and happy new year, EWC family! It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since the enactment of Prop. 64 and legal recreational cannabis here in California -- big thanks to all our members for sticking with us as we’ve navigated these unfamiliar waters! We appreciate you. As New Year’s Eve approaches and we’re all setting our sights on how we can better ourselves in 2019, we’ve gathered a list of EWC products across the board guaranteed to get your mind right for New Year’s and beyond! All items available on the EWC menu as of 12/28/2018, while supplies last, subject to change.

Sublime’s Sour Diesel Cartridge: Counting itself among the quintessential sativa-dominant strains, Sublime’s take on Sour Diesel is the perfect companion for a night on the town with friends. Providing subtle, yet palpable, pulls, Sublime’s efficient glass-tip/Sneaker battery combo offers both the discreteness and functionality to have you partying long after the ball drops at midnight. Diesel is highly regarded for its refined, gassy flavor and seriously uplifting effects, sure to give you the fuel to live your best life on NYE; current batch testing @ 73% THC and available @ just $39/half g, WSL.

Utopia’s Golden Lemons: Special occasions deserve special strains, and Utopia’s Golden Lemons certainly qualifies as just that! This heavy hitter is both a great looker (bright green body, w/ vibrant orange hairs throughout) and powerfully potent (27.40% THC), making it the perfect strain to impress your New Year’s crowd and provide unparalleled effects simultaneously! Lemons’ effects lean slightly toward indica-dominant, but not enough to worry members about lethargy -- have this strain rolled up and ready to go for midnight to have your outlook for 2019 shining bright! $50/8th, WSL.

KIVA’s Petra Moroccan/Eucalyptus Mints: What better way to prepare for a fresh start in 2019 than to have Elemental’s most refreshing edible on hand for the big day? KIVA’s Moroccan and Eucalyptus Mints are both supremely doseable (just 2.5mg per piece) and motivatingly minty, providing a welcome kick to both your brain and your sinuses. Whether you’re a veteran or novice user, KIVA’s mints provide the option to dose heavily or lightly, but most importantly, accurately as members seek a dose that works for their needs. $22/pack (100mg), WSL.

Hashy Larry’s The Vision Sauce: We all have a ‘vision’ of our next year’s selves: happier, smarter, more successful -- whatever that ‘vision’ may Hashy Larry’s The Vision Sauce are sure to get your creative juices flowing on how to accomplish it! Offering balanced, 50/50 effects, The Vision straddles the indica/sativa line, making it a very whatever-you-want-it-to-be type of experience. Coupled with its staggering 71.73% THC content, this strain may also have members experiencing some ‘double vision’ with its seriously strong effects -- consume responsibly! $50/gram, WSL.

Remedy: We hate to be party poopers, but we must remind you that, while the bulk of our list has been targeted at enhancing your New Year’s Eve experience, unfortunately one must also deal with the consequences of possibly-questionable NYE decision-making the next morning, AKA, New Year’s Day. Worry not though, EWC family, as we have just the thing: Remedy (9.93% CBD, 0.38% THC) is the perfect morning-after ‘remedy’ to return to relative homeostasis after a rough night. This strain is nearly 100% CBD and will help target any lingering aches, anxiety, and/or inflammation you may have picked up on NYE. With totally therapeutic effects, and available at just $30/8th, Remedy should be your go-to recovery aid for January 1st!