Strawberry Banana is a strain that has been appearing with increasing regularity across the board on the Elemental menu over the past few months -- whether it’s good ol’ flower, Connoisseur Cones’ Strawberry Banana Preroll, NUG’s Strawberry Banana Cured Sugar, or any other derivative, to try SB is to love it, as this strain boasts both potent effects and a pleasantly distinguishable aroma aimed to please both the mind and body.

This hybrid is the result of a genius cross between Banana Kush and Bubblegum, weighing in at approximately 70/30 indica-dominant, while providing hearty, bulbous buds that have garnered a reputation for providing elevated THC content. In 2017, Herbert Fuego of Denver’s Westword called Strawberry Banana “one of the juiciest strains” he’d ever encountered. He went on to laud its “slow, pleasant descent into sleepy bliss,” while drooling over its ‘Fruit Loops and a bag of chopped strawberries and bananas’ aroma.

Very little is known regarding the history of Strawberry Banana aside from it’s lineage. Here’s what we do know: Leafly credits DNA Genetics x Serious Seeds as the breeders, and it's thought to be most popular on the West Coast, though its popularity has begun to spread eastward in recent months. The strain is optimal for both consumers and growers, as the plant is described as a resilient grower that pays off even further with a heavy yield. Expect a plentiful supply to continue down the chain as growers further perfect this beauty.

We sampled Elemental’s current high-grade batch of Strawberry Banana flower (19.45% THC, $40/eighth as of 12/1/2018) -- a creamy, sweet flavor emanated from the jar upon cracking it open, and the strain’s uniformly dense and bulbous nugs spilled onto the table bouncing unpredictably, toppling over themselves several times under the unevenly distributed weight of its protruding nugs. We broke down our vibrant green and orange nugs using our fingers with relative ease -- the bud’s structure is firm but workable, no grinder required. We proceeded to pack our product into our king-sized RAW pre-rolled cone and commenced our session.

The initial green hit delivered on all promises made by the strain’s piercing aroma -- a sweet, smile-inducing smoke that was smooth on the throat, while delivering instantaneous effects. A wave of calm suddenly overcame me, as my concerns and worries that previously consumed much of my conscious thought slowly faded into obscurity. I sunk into the couch and let the effects run their course; aside from the occasional reach for the joint that was still in rotation, the strain was decidedly an “immobile” experience. A quite welcome and deserved sensation after a long work week.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my Strawberry Banana sample -- I’d confidently recommend it for anybody looking for sleep aid, pain relief, or just a pleasantly potent high. Ask your consultant to check out some of our Strawberry Banana selections on your next visit!