‘Tis the season, and here at Elemental, we’re prepping sleighs full of featured products and savings guaranteed to keep you jolly well into 2019! Our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ celebration begins on Thurs., Dec. 13th -- we hope to see you there!  Come one, come all; no matter what you choose to celebrate, and what you prefer to celebrate with, we’re confident you’ll find a what you’re looking for in one of our many product categories across the board! Today, we take a look at some current offerings that are ideal for the winter season: festive, warm, and calming. If relaxing on your favorite chair, wrapped up in your warmest blanket, while sipping a fresh cup of hot cocoa sounds like your jam, you may want to check out one of these items (accurate as of Tues., 12/4) on your next visit:

KIVA’s Peppermint Bark Bar: This limited-time, seasonal offering from our friends at KIVA has all the hallmarks of a holiday classic: season-spirited packaging, a delectably minty flavor, and casually calming effects. KIVA’s chocolates are “crafted from premium ingredients and skillfully combined with California cannabis” -- packed with 100mg THC sourced from quality hash and a one-of-a-kind flavor, you can’t go wrong with this icy cool treat!

NUG’s Cement Shoes: NUG has been providing the EWC menu with fantastic products across the board over the past year, and their current round of Cement Shoes is no exception. This rare strain is described by CannaSOS as “smelling and tasting like Animal Cookies mixed with notes of lemon...sticky with resin, like you have superglue on your fingers.” This batch of the indica hybrid weighs in at 20.65% THC, providing a perfectly potent escape for those looking to take the edge off a possibly overwhelming family gathering.

Sublime’s Cookies cartridge: Santa doesn’t have to be the only one scoring some tasty cookies this December -- Sublime’s Cookies cartridge offers an ideal selection for those looking to discreetly break away for a smoke (or vape) break without alerting the entire family. These carts contain “cannabinoids and proprietary terpene blends for ‘dab-like’ pulls. Glass tips make for refined vaping, and each cart is compatible with most standard vape batteries.” Current batch tests at 67% THC while providing Cookies’ notoriously heavy, couch-locky effects.

Arcturus’ Blueberry Kush Live Sauce: Blueberry Pie doesn’t have to be the only Blueberry being passed around the table this year -- Arcturus comes through in the clutch with their Blueberry Live Sauce aimed at members with a high tolerance and a desire for sleep and/or pain relief. The heavily indica-dominant hybrid offers a “hashy, jet fuel smell and taste that is balanced by sweet berries” and Arcturus’ extraction expertise translates the flavor and effects perfectly. 68.93% THC @ just $40/gram! While supplies last.

Clarified’s Ghee Butter: The perfect accompaniment to any holiday dish you may be whipping up, Clarified’s famous ghee butter can be added to spice up any wintertime offering. Loaded with a whopping 1,000mg THC per jar, this edible offers one of the best values on the EWC menu @ just $60/each, or for our milligram-counters, 16.67mg/$1 -- in any case, a great deal! Containing hardly any detectable cannabis flavor and a supremely workable consistency, making your own edibles doesn’t get any easier!

Keep an eye out for these wonderfully winter-esque offerings on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!