Among the freshest faces on the Elemental menu, Day Dreamers’ chocolates add a delectable, supremely dosable treat to the edible menu. Though a relative newcomer to the EWC menu, DD has been providing quality cannabis edibles for many years, beginning their hunt for genetics back in 2011, while securing two different High Times Cannabis Cup titles in 2013. These would be the first of several awards for Dreamers on the competitive cannabis circuit, later notching victories for CBD varieties at both Hempcon San Francisco and the Santa Cruz Cup.

These awards are more than simply fluff for Day Dreamers -- they’re a reflection of the brand’s commitment to creating only the most premium products with the medical user in mind. Dreamers’ motto is “Improving Your Everyday” and they actively strive to back up that promise: “As the child of hippie parents who valued ecological consciousness,” wrote High Times in 2013. “Andy [Day Dreamers’ creator] says he’s dismayed to see buyers at dispensaries turning up their noses at outdoor organic crops in favor of energy-intensive, chemically-laden indoor buds.”

“Growing pot outdoors was the only way to do it as far as my parents were concerned,” Andy says, explaining his move from grower to cannabis chocolatier. “So I wanted to keep the outdoor scene alive, but I realized that to succeed, I had to turn my harvest into another product, since there isn’t that much demand for outdoor flower.”

Dreamers have been combining their organic, eco-friendly approach with their commitment to new science and technology to create a totally safe and expertly-dosed offering that appeals to a wide range of cannabis users. Well before 10mg-or-less doses were required by California law, Dreamers were already perfecting the craft of exact dosing for their medical customers who rely upon accuracy the most. Their blister-style packaging makes for reliable, consistent dosing and is easy to use for patients that may be suffering from arthritis or have limited use of their hands.

Elemental is happy to provide our members with two of Dreamer’s most popular products: Blueberry Sativa Chocolate and Indica Chocolate.

The Blueberry Sativa Chocolate offers a delicious, but not overwhelming, berry flavor, coupled with subtly uplifting effects. Via Dreamer’s site, the Sativa produces a, “cerebral effect which can help with psychological problems including depression, as well as encourage activity...a stimulating solution which is recommended for daytime use.” For members seeking pain relief or sleep aid, the Indica Chocolate will surely hit the spot, delivering, “very powerful effects on the mind and for relieving stress, spasms, cramps, nausea, insomnia, and other related conditions...great nighttime solution.”

Both varieties currently in stock (as of 12/5/18) at $20/each (100mg total, ten 10mg doses), while supplies last. Be sure to ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!