In October, we provided a rundown of our ‘5 Favorite Value Products at Elemental,’ glossing over some of favorite offerings at our lowest prices; today, we visit the other side of the spectrum as we take a look at our favorite premium products currently available (as of Thurs., 12/13) @ EWC. Follow along with us as we inspect each product category for the finest, most sought-out names and strains in the cannabis industry:

Lit House Farm's Lava Cake: Hailing from the historically cannabis-rich Mendocino County region, Lit House is blessed with the climate and soil to produce top-shelf cannabis, and the minds behind the project have the resources and resolve to make it happen. A shining example of their unique, quality genetics is the indica-dominant Lava Cake -- a one-of-a-kind strain offering tightly-wound, dense nugs with alternating hues of puprle throughout. Yes, it's the strain you'll want to show to impress your out-of-town friends, but Lava Cake's effects live up to expectations as well: an immediately palpable cerebral buzz coupled with a nearly-numbing full-body relaxation. Current batch tests at 18.78% THC and is available @ $50/eighth, while supplies last.

Nativ’s Afgoo Hash Preroll: The art of weed-and-extract joints has come a looonngg way since their inception, and Nativ’s refined and clean hash-infused prerolls are a shining example of this. Gone forever (hopefully) are the days of oil-drenched paper, sticky fingers, and extract-stained jeans -- Nativ packs all the punch of these notoriously potent offerings, while eliminating the mess associated with them. Afgoo has long been a go-to strain for indica lovers, providing palpable relaxation and often sedation -- the premium hash sprinkled in is sure to provide the ‘kick’ required for even the most high-tolerance members. Currently testing at 25.27% THC @ $20/each, while supplies last.

Jetty’s Maui Wowie PAX Pod: Jetty and PAX team up for one of our favorite collaborations of the year: Jetty’s tasty, premium oil extract contained in PAX’s very functional pod and hip PAX Era battery. Though we currently offer three varieties, for our money, it doesn’t get any better than the Maui Wowie, a strikingly strong sativa hybrid with a pleasantly powerful tropical flavor. Plug your Maui-filled Pod into the USB-sized Era, choose your desired temperature setting, and you’re ready to roll. Er, ready to vape rather. Current batch clocking in at a staggering 80.98% THC @ $40/half gram, while supplies last.

Dabblicious’ Key Lime Pie Caviar: Long regarded as one of California’s top extraction artists, Dabblicious has a litany of awards to its name (including two Cannabis Cup awards for their collaboration with Elemental on The True OG Live Resin) and continues to produce buzzworthy products, such as its new Live Caviar line. The Key Lime Pie variety (64.46% THC) offers a fantastic choice for those seeking a potent indica with a refined Cookies-like flavor. $65/ gram, while supplies last.

KIVA’s Terra Espresso Bites: Longtime Elemental members likely were ahead of the curve on the Terra Bites trend, as its one of Elemental’s longest-running, consistently-available edible varieties. Providing members with easily-’poppable’ chocolate/espresso bites, no-fuss-preferring coffee lovers have long been inclined toward KIVA’s tasty bites. At a very manageable 5mg THC per bite, this is a perfect selection for newbies looking to ensure they don’t overdo it. $22 for a tin of 20 bites (100mg total), while supplies last.

Whether you’re looking for great value or our most heralded offerings, Elemental has something on the menu for everybody. If you’re not sure what’s for you, don’t hesitate to ask your consultant for more information or to inspect an item more carefully on your next visit.

Hope to see you in soon!