Today, we shine our spotlight on a brand that many of our flower lovers are likely familiar with: our friends at IC Collective.
IC is renowned around the cannabis world for their amazing attention to detail and rare, exclusive genetics which have become among the most sought-out strains in the area. Dedicated to perfecting and evolving their powerhouse ‘Chem’ genetics, IC has carved out a comfortable niche with members seeking premium product and uplifting effects. While IC specialize in loose flower and prerolls, concentrate connoisseurs may have also sampled the brand in the past, as we’ve carried a few IC x Dabblicious live resin collaboration over the years. Let’s delve a little deeper into the foundation that allows IC to consistently stand out in such a competitive industry.

IC is an Oakland-based provider that was founded in 2009; IC stands for ‘Integrity Code,’ a reference to the company’s dedication to originality and opposition to “following trends.” Our more free-spirited members will surely align with IC’s mission statement that they were “born out of genuine love for Grateful Dead culture” and their flower contains “the spirit of Jerry Garcia coursing through.” In fact, IC’s founder first discovered Chem genetics at a Phish (fellow jam band) concert back in 1993. According to their website:

“He was immediately entranced and set out on a quest to discover the strain’s origins. The course of his life was altered. After befriending the person responsible for the Chem Dog strain, he ultimately gained access to the genetics that our entire library centers around. Today, Chem Dog is remembered as the preferred strain among the deadheads who were lucky enough to get it back in the final years of Grateful Dead tour.”

In the 20+ years since, IC has secured a well-earned reputation for possessing some of the most unique and refined Chem genetics; offering a collection of approx. 12 permanent strain selections, celebrating the spirit of legendary Chem, while all offering their own unique spin on the genetics. This dedication to the craft has earned IC an army of followers across the world, as well as a plethora of awards on the competitive cannabis circuit, including wins at both the 2013 and 2014 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

Here at Elemental, we’re happy to work closely with our partners at to keep our menu loaded with a surplus of IC flowers and prerolls on any given day.

To keep things fresh for our members, we routinely rotate our selection of available IC flower; you’ll likely find different varieties dependent on when you’re visiting. Some of our more popular, recurring selections include Sour Scout (2014 HTCC winner), Chem D (modern-day Chem Dog), Diablo OG (fiery, balanced OG) and more. IC flower available on the artisan top shelf at $50/eighth.

Not finding anything to you liking on the flower menu? Check out our IC prerolls, made from 100% flower, no trim or shake included! This creates a flavor and effect profile true to the original strain, allowing members to experience the intended effects of the product, not a watered-down version. 0.75 grams included in each roll, $14/each while supplies last.

Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant to check out IC’s products on your next visit; you won’t regret it!