We’re excited to share that one of our longtime providers, Clarified Confections, is now back in stock as we received a hearty order in earlier this week! With the return of their famously delicious cookies, particularly potent Ghee Butter, and new ‘Clarified Caps,’ we can’t think of a better time to shine the spotlight on Clarified as our Featured Provider!

Located right here in the Bay Area, the team behind Clarified is as close-knit as they come with a dedicated focus on providing the highest quality product at a tremendous value. They’ve now been serving medical patients and recreational users across the state for several years, counting themselves among the few dedicated brands who’ve continued to ride the ebbs and flows of cannabis regulation here in California.

From Clarified: “We produce cannabis-infused Ghee and cookies using organic, sustainable, local ingredients to provide a high-quality product that is always delicious and consistently potent.” We’re proud to offer Clarified as one of our longest-serving providers, and look forward to again keeping a consistent stock of their quality products moving forward.

Serving as their flagship offering, Clarified was built on their mouth-watering cookies, offering several different varieties (PB Chocolate Chip, Molasses Ginger, Cinnamon Sugar, etc.) w/ 100mg THC included in each package. At only $12/each, these tasty treats provide some of the best edible value around. Dosing is spread out across two cookies, making them easy to dose out no matter what your tolerance is.

For those looking to do their own baking/infusing, we’d recommend Clarified’s much-loved Ghee butter options -- the 1000mg THC ($50/2oz) and 500mg CBD ($60/4oz) varieties receive tremendous feedback from our home cooks! Ghee has long been used for medicinal herbal infusion, and the mix is lactose-free, making it an ideal option for those with dairy intolerance.

Lastly, new ‘Clarified Caps’ get right to the point, offering 80mg THC in each pill -- great for members seeking a discreet, on-the-go option for pain management, anxiety relief, sleep aid, etc. $20 per 3-pack, WSL.

We’re happy to have much of Clarified’s extensive variety back on the menu; you can view their entire selection at Elemental here. Ask your consultant to take an up-close look at Clarified’s products on your next visit. We look forward to seeing you in soon!