Among the most commonly referenced issues among our members, insomnia and other sleep-related issues affect hundreds of millions of people across the word each year. Recently, many have begun to ditch the pills in favor of cannabis, as the plant continues to shake the stigma that has plagued its perceived medical value over the past century. As the masses continue to open up to the idea of cannabis as a legitimate medicine, expect its use among sleep-aid seekers to also increase dramatically. Here at Elemental, we’re proud to offer a plethora of products across the board that are known to be beneficial for members suffering from insomnia. Here are five of our favorites currently available on the menu (accurate as of 8/31/2018):

Floracal - Do Si Do: This indica-heavy classic from the folks at Floracal offers a pungent, earthy flavor and some seriously sedating effects for most. Noted for its colorful buds as well, often a combination of varying green, blue, and purple hues. With THC levels typically reserved for veteran users, it provides a unique fusion of euphoria and relaxation--proving the exterior to be much more than simply a fancy facade. Ease into sleep with this potent indica hybrid, available on the artisan top shelf @ $50/8th, WSL.
Other indica flower favorites currently available include Key Lime Pie (G.S. Cookies cross) and Gelato (Thin Mint Cookies cross), available WSL.

Sublime - GDP Cartridge: Aesthetically, traits of parent strain Purple Urkle are strikingly apparent in GDP’s one-of-a-kind purple hue. Think Gene-Wilder’s-Willy-Wonka-Jacket purple. Though it can be difficult to assign scents to colors, the strain does smell oddly...purple: a strong, berry-like note, with a sweet undertone that tickles the nostrils.

The refined 'purple' flavor will pleasantly hang to your taste buds, indicating premium starting material, and the stoney-behind-the-eyes sensation will only further that sentiment. Place the pen down after a few hits, and allow the strain’s fabled calming powers to take full effect. Coupled with an overwhelming sensation of full-body relief to boot, Sublime’s GDP is ideal for patients seeking an end-of-day remedy for chronic pains and restlessness. $39/each, WSL.

Beezle Extracts - Purple Trainwreck Live Resin Sauce: A premium product from Beezle, Purple Trainwreck is made with a live resin extraction process, allowing them to “capture the aroma and flavor of a plant at peak ripeness and preserve all the precious compounds all the way to the final jarring.” It’s intended for dabbing, as its crystal/saucey formation offers an ideal consistency, and “mixture of small THCA crystals and oil layer composed of terpenes, flavonoids, as well as approximately 50% cannabinoids,” does a perfect job representing the original strains.

In this case, Purple Trainwreck offers a piney/sweet flavor, and, weighing in at 64.48% THC, provides a potent and sedating option for high-tolerance patients seeking fast-acting insomnia management. Perfect for concentrate connoisseurs also looking for a heavy indica hybrid.
Other popular indica concentrate options include Beezle's More Cowbell Live Resin Sauce (G.S. Cookies cross) and Hashy Larry's Banana OG Wax Sauce (OG Kush cross), available WSL.

Habit - Sparkling Peach Drink: Routinely serving as one of our most popular edible options, Habit’s 100mg sparkling beverages serve as a favorite for many members, offering potency and fast-acting effects. Per Habit, “These highly carbonated sparkling fruit drinks are handcrafted in small batches and infused with our solvent free cannabis distillate derived from organic cannabis. The high level of carbonation in our beverages greatly accelerates the movement of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, offering reported onset times up to 4x faster than solid edibles.”

We recommend the Peach flavor as your best options for before-bedtime relief!

Kind Medicine - Indica Caps: Serving as one of our longest-tenured providers, the folks at Kind Med know what members want, and their Indica offering of their renowned Kind Caps hits the nail on the head for those suffering from Insomnia. Providing 30mg THC per cap and created using a “heat-based infusing process that decarboxylates the THCA, while maximizing cannabinoid preservation allowing for excellent strain profile translation of the flower to edible form,” this product is the result of a premium transition process overseen by a talented team that truly cares about the quality of your product. Snag a 20pk of Indica Kind Caps for $62/each, WSL.

Remember, these are just a few of our current favorites; we have plenty of other options across the board that can also help you manage your sleep-related issues. Be sure to ask your consultant on your next visit if you’re interested. Hope to see you in soon!