As July winds down and the second half of summer kicks off, San Francisco’s festival/fair season is in full swing. Though many of the season’s most anticipated events have already occured (SF Pride, St. Stupid’s Day Parade, Carnaval, etc.), you’ll still have several opportunities to spend a day with friends/family in Fog City before fall begins. Though there are many pay-to-enter events remaining as well, today we bring you the top five FREE San Francisco events left this summer, and which strains to bring with you:

5. Shakespeare in the Park (Sat., Sept. 1st thru Sun., Sept. 9th): This months-long ode to The Bard makes its way around The Bay from July thru September, hosting its second-to-last run of shows at SF’s beautiful Presidio on select dates in early September. Performing the classic A Midsummer Night’s Dreams, this family-friendly event is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a memorable afternoon in one of The City’s most beautiful locations with great entertainment to boot! If you don’t get a chance to catch this week’s showing, you’ll have a second chance the following week as the show moves down to SF’s McLaren Park.

What to bring: We’d recommend Lady Benbow, if for no other reason than its name befits the theme. Though, names aside, this strain certainly stands tall on its own; a CBD-rich flower from FlowKana regarded for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities, Benbow will help you enjoy some Bard that much more.

4. Bay Area Blues Festival (Sat., Aug. 18th & Sun., Aug. 19th): A relative newcomer amongst many of it’s longer-tenured peers, the 8th Annual Bay Area Blues Festival held on Lower Polk Street already has a firm finger on the pulse of this historic city. Offering two main stages of local, live entertainment, a merchant marketplace, arts and crafts, food booths, and more, this two-day event has something of interest for everybody -- music fan or not. Polk Street is notorious for its thriving bar scene and presence as one of SF’s original LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods -- toss in some soulful blues, and it's hard to find an event truer to the roots of The City.

What to bring: The somewhat concert-style vibe of this festival lends itself to prerolls -- minimal hassle with preparation and enjoyment-maximizing effects. For this occasion, we’d recommend the GG#4 for its ability to stimulate the mind and body without causing any lethargy. Perfect to enhance your listening and dancing experience throughout the long day.

3. Autumn Moon Festival (Sat. Sept. 15th & Sun., Sept. 16th): Any excuse is a good one to visit SF’s world-renowned Chinatown, and the excuses don’t get better than its Autumn Moon Festival. The 28th Annual SF edition (though it’s been celebrated in Asia for more than 1,000 years) anticipates sprawling crowds, arts and crafts booths, cultural exhibits, parades, and more throughout the weekend. Enjoy the dragon and lion dancers and various costumed mascots as well, ideal to keep younger members of your group occupied while entertaining older members as well. The grand parade kicks off at 11am on Saturday -- be sure to stop by at some point throughout the weekend for a unique cultural experience!

What to bring: Try out Select’s Strawberry Lemonade Cartridge, an inconspicuous, yet potent, option to help get you through the day. No preparation required, and its sativa-heavy effects will help give you second life when you begin to run out of gas halfway through the day. Though, even considering its discreteness, be careful if you plan to smoke near the event -- Chinatown is one of the only areas in SF you can still catch a side eye of two for breaking out your stash.

2. Nihonmachi Street Fair (Sat. Aug. 4th & Sun., Aug. 5th): The 45th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair takes place in SF’s Japantown next weekend, as over 30,000 festival attendees are expected to visit the festival throughout its two-day run. Considering itself the melting pot of street fairs, according to SF Fun Cheap, the festival provides wonderful collection of mini events and performances to shine the spotlight of Asian-Pacific American heritage and life. Highlights include Doggie World, Food Fest, Asian Artisans, and more! Stop by and enjoy this free-flowing gathering at your own pace.

What to bring: Plus Products’ Blackberry Lemon Gummies stand out to us due to its tasty, doseable pieces and pinch of CBD tossed into the recipe. They won’t melt on you, and the tin they’re packaged in is designed with portability in mind. Dose as needed, and slide into your pocket in the meantime.

1. Sunday, October 7th: OK, so yeah, Oct. 7th isn’t TECHNICALLY summer, and isn't even neccesarily an event within itself, but considering SF’s much-referenced ‘Indian Summer’ in play, in addition to the sheer volume of amazing, free gatherings taking place, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include Sunday, October 7th as San Francisco’s #1 remaining event for Summer 2018. First, throughout the day, look for the famous Blue Angels Air Show on display in the sky throughout the day, serving as a fitting closeout to SF’s Fleet week. While you’re doing that, we’d recommend starting off in The Castro for the yearly Castro Street Fair, beginning at 11am offering live music stages, dancing alleys, and more -- tons of food and drink as well. After that, hop on up to North Beach to enjoy the Italian Heritage Festival -- tons of Italian food, drinks, and love all day in SF’s own ‘Little Italy.’ Lastly, end the day with a trip to Golden Gate Park for the beloved Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, an eclectic mashup of musical genres and flat-out interesting people in one of SF’s most iconic locations! Don’t forget your sunscreen and an energy drink!

What to bring: You’ll need a high-energy sativa to power you through the day’s extensive travels; we think Flow Kana’s Blue Hawaiian fits the bill perfectly. A sweet sativa with managable THC level (17.44%), Hawaiian will give you a great buzz while sustaining your energy to help you make it to the end of the day.

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