If you’re an Elemental member that’s into edibles, chances are you’re already familiar with today’s featured provider, Plus Products. Plus are the creators of some of our most popular ‘Gummies’ options, incl. CBD-rich and the ever-popular Sour Watermelon Sativa gummies.

Launched out of Colorado back in 2015, Plus quickly relocated to California in 2016, and now offer products all throughout the state, “from San Francisco to San Diego and most places in between.” They’ve quickly rose to prominence thanks in large part to their commitment to their followers and supremely-doseable, tasty gummies; their general THC-only offerings provide 5mg per bite, with 20 bites per tin -- 100mg in total.

A quick glance at Plus’ Weedmaps reviews quite accurately reflect why the buzz surrounding Plus has never been higher: “My favorite gummies true to its word in mg [doseage] very hard to find” says user Nabie. “This one here will make your day. To say that it might make u laff and have a good time!” said user odirfunes120. “Fast-acting and the perfect potency. I love it. Enjoy!!!” adds on user supermanbri22.

Customers aren’t the only ones all in on Plus gummies, as cannabis critics have also shown love to the team at Plus. Green State describes the gummies as “soft, springy and lightly sugar-coated as any pate de fruit you’d find in a confiserie in France.”

The consensus seems to be in: edible lovers love Plus!

Here at Elemental we’re happy to offer members three unique varieties of Plus gummies: Sativa Sour Watermelon, CBD-rich Blackberry Lemon, and Pure CBD Pineapple Coconut. Sour Watermelon (100mg THC) offers an intense, ‘yet functional high,” helping members to relax and get creative. Blackberry Lemon (90mg THC, 10mg CBD) provides a ‘mellow high [that] will leave you feeling relaxed and happy’ with its hint of CBD. Lastly, Pineapple Coconut (100mg CBD) brings a palpably therapeutic experience for members, helping with relaxation and managing chronic pain. No matter what your needs are, Plus has a product for you!

You can browse Plus Products on our online menu, or just ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit. Hope to see you down at the Center soon!