Serving as one of our most popular vaporizer cartridge providers over the past year, there’s a good chance if you’re a member at Elemental Wellness that you’re already familiar with today’s featured provider, Sublime Canna. Between their frequent ‘Vendor Visits,’ and premium cartridges, it’s hard to find a reason to dislike the fine folks and fine products from this Oakland-based company.

From seed to sale, Sublime carefully oversees their entire process, ensuring a clean, tasty, and potent product for consumers. From Sublime’s website: “All of our products start with pesticide-free, sunkissed bud from our partner farms in California’s Emerald Triangle. Our oils are made with state-of-the-art, custom-built extraction machines which keep the entire process temperature controlled to stay true to the plant’s natural profile. The cold ethanol extraction method concentrates the desired plant oils and leaves the rest behind. From there, our team of Ph.D. scientists reintroduce full-spectrum terpenes for enhanced flavor and further refine the oil with a proprietary distillation method. Our oils are made with no added industrial terpenes or harmful solvents for the cleanest and best tasting experience possible.”

Elemental is happy to carry all four varieties of Sublime’s ‘Gold’ line, providing members with a suitable options no matter what needs they’re addressing. The line is inspired by some of Sublime’s favorite locations throughout the world: ‘Harlem’ is described as a pure indica, offering a dreamy buzz and deep body high; ‘Malibu’ is a slightly less-heavy indica hybrid, regarded for its functionally relaxing effects; ‘Rio’ is a sativa-dominant, but balanced, hybrid, offering a citrusy flavor, while ‘aiding in creating and entertaining’; ‘Tokyo’ is a high-intensity sativa, providing a seriously stimulating experience. All Gold carts are equipped with glass tips and wickless functionality for maximum potency and bigger hits.

And it seems we’re not the only ones excited about Sublime’s awesome products -- they currently boast 20 awards to their name over the past two years, including first place finishes at 2016 Hempcon, 2017 Hempcon, 2017 CannaGames, and more! With plans on the horizon to continue improving their cartridges, develop their artisan edible line, an further push their ‘Fuzzies’ pre-roll brand, we see big things in the future for this burgeoning force in the industry.

You can view our current selection of Sublime products here, or simply ask your consultant to check them out on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!