Summer is here, and just as you’ll need some reliable sativa strains for your super daytime adventures, you’ll likely require a few trusty indica varieties in your stash for those starry nights as well. We’ve done the legwork for you, by tracking down the best indica strains to help you relax and ease into sleep after a long day of living your best life!

The True OG

The synergistic effect of The True’s amazing qualities culminates in a truly-one-of-a-kind smoking experience. The True is often cited for its impressive THC content, but it’s the high levels of myrcene and limonene that contribute to the relaxing, yet mood-enhancing qualities of the strain. It possesses a familiar OG aroma, yet with more of a detectable Chem influence — a welcome detour from the sometimes-redundant earthy, lemony OG flavor profile we've become accustomed to.

The True's buds are sticky and dense — a grinder is certainly recommended for the preparatory process. The strain’s effects are powerful and quick to settle: deep relaxation from head to toe coupled with a notable element of mood enhancement. Some members find the True to be sedative, while others find it to be relaxing, but not quite a knockout.

A multiple-time Cannabis Cup winner, connoisseurs will love sampling this legendary strain.
Blackberry Kush

Often regarded among the quintessential indica-dominant strains, Blackberry Kush offers patients a powerfully therapeutic experience, coupled with a uniquely sweet flavor. It’s considered to be 80 percent indica, and 20 percent sativa.

Showcasing dense, chunky nugs with a rich purple hue throughout, this strain demands attention, even amongst its top-shelf peers. Visible trichomes thickly layer the exterior of the well-proportioned nugs: uniform 'football-shaped' structure, firm to the touch, and minimal stem running through its body. Its fragrance is unique, and can best be described as mostly sweet, but mildly earthy--think Grand Daddy Purple meets classic Kush.  

Considered among the heaviest indica strains available, BB Kush is a great pre-bedtime treat!
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Grand Daddy Purple

As a strain known even among most cannabis outsiders, Grand Daddy Purple has long been a preferred choice among EWC members. Introduced in Northern California in 2003 by activist and grower Ken Estes, this legendary indica offers astoundingly deep-dark-purple buds, and unparalleled pain relief as well!

GDP flower offers a healthy nug structure, boasting optimal flower-to-stem ratio within its uniformly football-shaped buds. These nugs are smothered in an impressively thick coat of trichomes, likely an influence from parent plant, Big Bud. Grand Daddy lies somewhere between soft and dense; it’s not impenetrable without the use of a grinder, but one is highly recommended to get the most out of your medicine.

Has set a high standard for the ‘purple’ family, and has become synonymous with sleep for many patients.
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Do Si Do

Do Si Do is a potent indica-dominant strain offering patients an imposing combination of impeccable flavor and heavy-bodied effects. It has garnered a well-earned reputation for its powerhouse genetics and therapeutic properties within its relatively short existence.

Aesthetically, Do Si Do separates itself from the rest of the tightly knit Cookies family with its one-of-a-kind dense nugs and striking purple hue. Visible trichomes coat the buds’ entire exterior, and an unmistakable Cookies-esque fragrance emanates from the jar--enough to persuade most patients to give this strain a closer inspection.

Upon consumption, Do Si Do’s effects are swift and potent. Testing in the mid- to high-20s in THC percentage and providing a powerful ‘body-stone,’ this strain is generally recommended for veteran patients.
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Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the quintessential 50/50 balanced hybrid -- some claim it’s indica-leaning, and others swear it’s sativa dominant. In our experience it’s a perfect balance between the two, usually providing function relaxation to help one ease the body and the mind without being sedated.

BD is visually pleasing and consistent in its appearance: soft, spiky nugs, offering a light green hue throughout, and muted orange hairs intertwined within. The aroma can best be described as subtly sweet, with a hint of earthiness; mildly reminiscent of the scent secreted by Afghani-heavy strains.

After consumption, prepare for a calming wave of relaxation, particularly in the legs, quickly followed by an intense cerebral buzz and discernible mood-enhancement. The pleasant effects last a couple hours for most, before slowly dissipating. Most experience no ‘crash’ afterward, while noting little to no detectable lethargy.

Reliable, classic strain -- great for beginners and veterans alike!
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