For many patients, The True OG has become the quintessential ‘Ocean Grown’ strain since its creation over a decade ago. From its dense, rugged bud structure to the deep-seated relaxation it offers, 'The True' has become a standard for what a proper OG should offer.


Its origins can be traced back to Southern California, where Elemental Seeds obtained 10 cuts of the strain back in 2004. Our growers spent years pushing the strain to its full potential, and perfecting every last detail before introducing The True to the world. And it would seem that hard work paid off — the strain now enjoys near-universal acclaim, while boasting several High Times Cannabis Cup awards spanning across an impressive arrary of categories.


But what exactly is it about The True that places this award-winning creation at the top of the OG hierarchy?


Well, to be honest, there’s not exactly one discernible feature that separates it from the rest — rather a synergistic effect of all its qualities, culminating in a truly-one-of-a-kind smoking experience. The True is often cited for its impressive THC content, but it’s the high levels of myrcene and limonene that contribute to the relaxing, yet mood-enhancing qualities of the strain. It possesses a familiar OG aroma, yet with more of a detectable Chem influence — a welcome detour from the sometimes-redundant earthy, lemony OG flavor profile we've become accustomed to.

Myrcene is the most heavily concentrated terpene in The True, and also the most common found in cannabis in general. It's known to possess an “earthy, clove-like odor,” and has been shown to increase the potency of select cannabinoids, such as THC. With The True already boasting sky-high THC content, this makes for a seriously psychoactive experience! 

Limonene serves as a heavily citrus-scented terpene, that, outside of cannabis, is best known as the main ingredient in many ‘citrus cleaners.’ Providing members with mood-elevation, stress-relief, and antifungal properties, limonene is normally linked with sativa-dominant strains such as Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, etc.

The True's buds are sticky and dense — a grinder is certainly recommended for the preparatory process. The strain’s effects are powerful and quick to settle: deep relaxation from head to toe coupled with a notable element of mood enhancement. Some members find the True to be sedative, while others find it to be relaxing, but not quite a knockout.


After sampling this batch of The True, it’s clear where the heaps of praise come from — The True OG excels on every level. From its aesthetics to its effects, this strain does not disappoint and is sure to impress even the most censorious cannabis critics!