Hey there, Elemental Family, it’s now officially summertime in the Bay Area -- cue up the festivals, road trips, adventures to the beach, and more! Obviously, you’ll need the perfect strains to accompany you on all your summer excursions -- well, look no further, because we’ve compiled the ‘Top 5 Summer Sativa Strains’ to help you enjoy these next few months that much more:
Red Congolese

While it may not be as established as other time-tested landrace strains, Red Congo has created a palpable buzz in its relatively short existence. Named one of “The Best Marijuana Strains of Summer 2015” by

East Bay Express and securing a medal at the 2013 SoCal Cannabis Cup, the strain has enjoyed sustained popularity within California.


In addition to the Congo’s pure genetics, its remarkable appearance is sure to pique the interest of patients. Passing the “eye test” with flying colors, the strain offers an overload of wild Vermillion-colored hairs strewn throughout its long, chunky nuggets. The dense buds give just slightly when squeezed between the thumb and index fingers, leaving visible remnants of its plentiful resin behind.


On paper, Red Congo is the purest sativa included on this list -- great for members seeking an upbeat, occasionally racy, sativa.
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Jack Herer


“Jack,” as it’s affectionately referred to as by patients, boasts a laundry list of accolades, a testament to its longevity and consistency throughout the years: 1st Place 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd Place Sativa 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup, and 1st Place 2016 High Life Cup just to name a few. Its prominent, pine-like aroma is accessible to novices and vets alike, and has become the standard for what a sweet-smelling sativa strain should provide.


Appearance-wise, Jack is refined, yet inconspicuous: slightly varying shades of forest green dominate the bodies of its buds, with short, muted orange hairs occasionally poking out from within. The nugs are rather spiky, soft to the touch (much further toward fluffy than dense), and break down ideally, even without use of a grinding device. While it may be easy to pass over when evaluating simply by "the eye test,” those who make it to the smell jar will surely recognize how this strain has earned its status.


This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a standard-setting sweet aroma coupled with supremely energizing effects -- a great strain to start your summer off right!
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Durban Poison


Long serving as the de-facto go-to for cannabis users leading on-the-go lifestyles, Durban Poison has been a relevant name within the worldwide cannabis market for more than three decades. A landrace strain originating from South Africa, DP was passed through the hands of several legendary growers before finally being deemed fit for release to the general public. Since then, the strain has been propelled to heights previously unimagined, spawning a plethora of phenotypes and snagging several prestigious awards, while firmly securing its place in cannabis lore.


DP is a rare pure sativa, boasting landrace genetics and impressively big nuggets that help to distinguish it among its peers. When grown to full potential, it produces large, chunky nugs that offer a refined forest green hue with rustic orange hairs peeking throughout the entirety of its body. Also, with a luminous layer of trichomes visible to the naked eye coating its exterior, it's no surprise that Durban is quite sticky to the touch -- even with use of a grinder, it generally breaks down into small clumps that wind up being great for either bowl packing, joint rolling, or both.


Great for wake-n-bake sessions!
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GG #4


A well-balanced hybird (approx. 60/40 sativa), G.G. #4 generally boasts high THC content, earning the title of ‘One of the World’s Strongest Strains of All Time’ from HERB. Exhibiting obvious Chem influence (Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel), G.G. #4 offers a pleasantly pungent aroma and a palpable sense of mood-enhancement upon consumption.


Offering a refined, fuely flavor, as well as a powerful, yet manageable, sense of euphoria, it’s no mistake GG has enjoyed such a rapid rise to fame. This euphoria persists throughout the entirety of the strain’s powerful effects, though eventually somewhat gives way to the strain’s well-known relaxing properties. When the effects subside, users are left feeling pleasantly refreshed, with no sense of burnout or lethargy detectable.


Great for anytime of year, but has secured a ‘forever’ place in our hearts as a summertime strain.
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Sometimes referred to as Sour Kush, Headband is the result of crossing three powerhouse strains: Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush. With its seemingly balanced lineage (some even claim Headband is indica-dominant), the palpably energizing and uplifting effects may come as a surprise to some, but its overwhelming fuel-like aroma suggests the Sour Diesel influence is the strongest of its three parents.


The buzz surrounding Headband is well-deserved; boasting incredibly invigorating effects, hearty buds with alternating shades of green throughout, and a refined sour/fuel-like aroma, Headband is considered a favorite even among the most persnickety cannabis critics.
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If you have questions about these, or any other super sativa strains, don't hesitate to ask your consultant on your next visit!