As a strain known even among most cannabis outsiders, Grand Daddy Purple has long been a preferred medicine among cannabis patients. Introduced in Northern California in 2003 by activist and grower Ken Estes, this legendary indica offers astoundingly deep-dark-purple buds, and unparalleled pain relief as well!


The beginnings of GDP are as legendary as its heavy indica-dominant effects: according to, “the roots of GDP began in the 70s with veterans returning from Vietnam. The powerful strains they brought back from war included Afghani buds with the signature purple … Estes later encountered some noteworthy nugs while sharing rites with a NorCal indigenous tribe. After taking that strain and working with it, Grand Daddy Purple came out of Purple Urkle and Big Bud.”


Growers prefer to work with GDP as well, referencing its ample yields, short growing time, and ability to thrive in cooler climates. Estes himself states, “one of the keys to bring Grand Daddy Purple to its full potential is to provide extremely good air circulation.” Its famous purple hue generally begins to reveal itself after six weeks, overtaking the bulk of the plant by week seven.


Aesthetically, traits of parent strain Purple Urkle are strikingly apparent in GDP’s one-of-a-kind purple hue. Think Gene-Wilder’s-Willy-Wonka-Jacket purple. Though it can be difficult to assign scents to colors, the strain does smell oddly...purple: a strong, berry-like note, with a sweet undertone that tickles the nostrils. This aroma is due to GDP’s refined terpene profile, led by the presence of myrcene and pinene.


Myrcene is the most commonly found terpene in cannabis; it’s marked by its pronounced clove-like odor and pain-relieving properties. Strains containing more than 0.5% of myrcene are likely to cause sedative effects-- according to Leafly, GDP is known to have up to 1.6%. Pinene is the most commonly found terpene in the entire botanical world, and can be identified by its sweet, piney aroma! Also found in conifer trees, pine needles, and more.


GDP flower offers a healthy nug structure, boasting optimal flower-to-stem ratio within its uniformly football-shaped buds. These nugs are smothered in an impressively thick coat of trichomes, likely an influence from parent plant, Big Bud. Grand Daddy lies somewhere between soft and dense; it’s not impenetrable without the use of a grinder, but one is highly recommended to get the most out of your medicine.

We were intent on vaporizing today, and were lucky enough to snag a sample of Sublime's premium GDP vaporizer cartridge (80% THC, $39/each, while supplies last) to test out -- filled with beautifully extracted, pure GDP oil and encapsuled in an wickless, glass-tipped cartridge.

The vape functions superbly, providing a balanced sweet taste, and passing in and out of our lungs with no irritation at all. The refined 'purple' flavor pleasantly hanging on to our taste buds indicates the oil was sourced from premium starting material, and the stoney-behind-the-eyes sensation slowly creeping upon us continues to further that sentiment. When we place the pen down on the table after a few hits each, GDP’s fabled calming powers are in full effect--a Seinfeld rerun plays indistinctly in the background as we fully surrender ourselves to the mighty force of the notorious couch-lock. Coupled with an overwhelming sensation of full-body relief, GDP is ideal for patients seeking an end-of-day remedy for chronic pains and restlessness.


Ask your consultant about Grand Daddy Purple on your next visit to Elemental!