With the new year, and new recreational regulations, has come new pricing and tax requirements at Elemental. In response to newly added taxes, we’ve readjusted our pricing tiers, pumped up text-message specials, and have increased discounts on our 'Last Chance' items to help our members bring down total cost. Here’s a glance at some of changes you can anticipate for future visits to Elemental Wellness:

First, the bad: taxes on cannabis (both medical and recreational) have increased throughout California with the recent enactment of Prop. 64 -- all legally operating dispensaries will be required to comply effective Jan. 1st, 2018. These taxes will differ from city to city, but here’s a quick explanation of the taxes that San Jose requires:

  1. Cannabis Excise Tax (15%): This is based on the average market price of the product. The state is clear in their language indicating that recreational customers, medical cannabis recommendation holders, and MMIC participants are all subject to excise tax.
  2. San Jose Business Tax (10%): Tax payed to operate as a legal cannabis dispensary within San Jose city limits. SJ citizens voted this into effect by passing Measure U back in 2011 with a 78% majority.
  3. State Sales Tax (9.25%): This is the normal sales tax applied to all sales in California -- cannabis or non-cannabis. This is also the only tax that certain patients are exempt from, given they possess a valid, state-issued medical cannabis recommendation.

Now, for the good: Elemental has ramped up savings on products across the board, beginning with our revamped flower menu, which now offers top shelf eighths at just $45/each! We’ve long been known for our superior quality, now we’re proud to offer the South Bay’s best value on flower as well! The price drops ripple down the menu, bringing down cost on all other tiers too -- bottom grade flower is now available for as low as $20/eighth. Browse our new-look flower menu online, or check it out on your next in-store visit!

We've also recently intensified the frequency of our text-message specials, giving members the skinny on several secret specials throughout each week! For example, our subscribers were treated to free eighths of shake, BOGOs on connoisseur live resin, 50% off The True OG extracts, and more just over the past couple weeks. You can subscribe for specific alerts by texting ‘EWCFLOWER’, ‘EWCEXTRACT’, and/or ‘EWCEDIBLE’ to (855) 341-4027. Hope to hear from you!

Additionally, we’ve bumped up our ‘Last Chance Treasure Chest’ discount to 25% off all items! These items aren’t listed on our regular menu -- ask your consultant to check out the Treasure Chest on your next visit to see our options for the day! And a quick reminder for our members who stop by for Wellness Hours: our new discounted hours are 4:00pm - 6:00pm -- stop by during these hours for 10% off your total bill every weekday!

To see our full list of recurring discounts available to members, click here.

As always, we’re available to answer any questions our members may have regarding new pricing procedures, the difference between medical and recreational members, or anything else! You can reach out to us digitally at

[email protected], or simply ask your consultant on your next in-store visit.

Be well!