New year means a slew of new products at Elemental Wellness, as we celebrate the beginning of 2018 with three new vaporizer cartridge providers and a new line of topicals!

Dabblicious has long been an established name in the cannabis industry, boasting a plethora of wins across the competitive cannabis circuit with their line of terpene-packed live resin. Now, Elemental is happy to be among the first dispensaries to carry their new selection of premium vaporizer cartridges, available in four unique varieties (Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Lemonade, and Peach) with all options hovering around 80% THC with small concentrations of CBD to boot. All DBS cartridges are $39/each, and pack the same powerful flavors that have won their revered live resin so many awards over the years!

New Sublime cartridges slide onto the menu as well, also offering four options from their ‘Gold’ line (Cookies, GDP, Green Goddess, Sour Diesel) at $39/apiece! Sublime carts are all natural -- there are no added terpenes or solvents, leaving you with only potent cannabis oil! All carts test between 70% - 80% THC; oils are extracted using the cleanest supercritical CO2 process and winterized through organic cold ethanol de-winterization process.

Rounding out the cartridge additions, new provider Pure One offers four varieties (Gelato #33, Lemon Haze, Paris OG, Wiz Khalifa OG) at the amazingly low price of just $29/each! All strains test in the vicinity of 75% THC and are composed of only cannabis oil and natural terpenes, giving users a unique and pure vaping experience. Elemental also offers Pure’s draw-to-activate batteries at $15/each (available in black and yellow).

Lastly, for our topical users, we’re pleased to introduce the addition of Papa & Barkley products to the menu! We’re offering six new soothing products [Bath Soak, Body Oil, Releaf Balm, & Releaf Patches (1:3, 3:1, CBD)] designed to assist users in managing a variety of ailments -- all formulas are activated with pure cannabinoids and cannabis. Here’s a quick overview of P&B’s new products at Elemental:

  • Bath Soak: A 3 THC : 1 CBD blend complete with Dead Sea salts and 200mg of total cannabinoids. Great for those seeking relaxing, end-of-day relief.
  • Releaf Balm: An award-winning 3 THC : 1 CBD formula, offering approximately 400-600mg of total cannabinoid content. Ideal for direct, concentrated relief.
  • Body Oil: Also 3 THC : 1 CBD with over 400mg of cannabinoids. Made with coconut oil and a ‘soak process’ to absorb the whole-plant cannabis resin -- great for massages.
  • Releaf Patches: Offers a slow-release formula, providing 30mg of cannabinoids per patch. Users should feel activation within one and a half hours and effects can last up to 12 hours. Various THC:CBD ratios available.

Be sure to ask your consulant to check out our new products on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!