Serving as one of our few vendors providing options in three distinct product categories (flower, concentrates, and edibles), Utopia Farms is certainly among the most diverse brands currently offered at Elemental. Whether you’re seeking delectably potent macaroons, terpene-packed live resins, or award-winning C. Banana flower, the folks at Utopia have you covered!

Utopia are a Northern California-based company specializing in premium cannabis products that fall directly in line with Elemental’s mantra of ultra-clean products only -- per their website, “All products are Envirocann certified and undergo full-spectrum testing to ensure a consistent and safe product. [Our] flowers are exclusively cultivated indoors with natural fertilizers and organic pest management techniques to ensure the purest smoking experiences.” You can read more of their mission statement here.

Counted as a favorite among celebrities such as Action Bronson and Danny Brown, Utopia’s macaroons pack quite the punch, offering 50mg THC in each delicious treat -- in fact they taste so good, it’s easy to forget they contain cannabis at all. Currently available in five unique flavors, these confections are also gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, Kosher, and paleo-friendly, making them ideal for almost any member dealing with a restricted diet. Macaroons are available in packs of four (200mg THC total), and will cost members $20/pack.

Utopia also produce an ever-evolving selection of wax and live resin, expertly retaining each strain’s original terpene profile, while creating a golden-hued, ideally malleable final product. Their extracts are known to be both flavorful and potent, occasionally testing as high as 95% THC! Current options available at Elemental include Big Sur OG Wax (75.60% THC, $25/half g) and Strawberry Banana Live Resin (81.30% THC, $40/half g) -- strains subject to change, available while supplies last.

And lastly, for our good old-fashioned flower users, the growers at Utopia have perfected their C. Banana and Lamb’s Bread strains -- both of which you can find at Elemental from time to time. C. Banana is likely the better known of the two strains, being named the ‘Strongest Weed Strain’ in Northern California by High Times, securing several Cannabis Cup awards, and much more! The strain is a cross between OG Kush x Banana, is considered a slightly sativa-leaning (60/40) hybrid, and is highly regarded for its potency that generally falls between 27% - 33% THC.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out our Utopia Farms selection on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!