After months of working tirelessly to perfect our formula, we’re proud to finally introduce our exclusive Elemental Premium Vape Cartridges powered by Absolute Xtracts!

Arriving on Friday, October 6th, patients will now be able to choose between four distinct varieties (Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, Green Dragon, and Sour Diesel), all composed of 100% cannabis oil sourced from locally grown cannabis! Of course, as with all meds on the Elemental menu, our carts have been extensively lab tested for pesticides, mold, and other contaminants.

“We’re extremely happy to partner with a true force in the cannabis industry like Absolute Xtracts,” said Neil R., Senior Vice President of Business Development at Elemental. “We’ve created a quality product that we’re proud to stand behind.”

Offering a supremely functional, wickless design, Elemental Cartridges provide an ideally smooth and thick dose each time you inhale! Our oils are extracted using a proprietary distillate method that ensures maximum cleanliness, as well as cannabinoid and terpene retention. This allows us to remain as true as possible to each original strain’s profile, thus providing more efficient and predictable effects.

With four distinct strains available, Elemental Carts can be used to help manage an array of ailments:

  1. Blackberry Kush is a heavy indica hybrid, lauded for its palpably relaxing and sedating properties. It “tends to have a hashy, jet-fuel smell and taste that’s balanced by sweet berries.” Best suited for evening or night use, as high levels of myrcene can cause couch-lock effect.

  2. Cherry Pie is a slightly more balanced indica hybrid, though it’s still revered for it’s stress- and pain-relieving effects. Boasting strong Cookies lineage, the strain offers a subtly sweet and earthy taste, while providing a euphoric, yet relaxing, user experience. Best for chronic pain and stress-related issues.


  4. Green Dragon (sometimes referred to as Green Crack) is an energizing sativa hybrid, known to possess uplifting and mood-enhancing properties. With a prevalent citrusy, fruity-flavor as well, Green Dragon is a truly a quintessential sativa strain. Best for focus and mental stimulation.

  5. Sour Diesel is another classic sativa hybrid that offers a pungent, diesel-y flavor and energizing effects. Diesel has been the go-to daytime medicine for patients across the world for decades; its invigorating effects are legendary and its refined terpene profile still stands out among its imitators! Great for a wake-n-bake or night on the town! Best for fatigue and mood-enhancement.

All varieties test between 79%-81% THC and contain 500mg of oil.


Ask your consultant to check out Elemental cartridges on your next visit!