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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is held at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of every month.

Jessica Neideffer, a certified Reiki practitioner, brings Sound Healing to elemental. Expertly playing a veritable orchestra of crystal alchemy bowls, she creates sound frequencies that project deep into the body, reducing stress, and accelerating healing and recovery.

So what exactly is Sound Healing and why should you try it? Sound Healing uses the power of "Crystal Sound Technology" to aid in the healing process. This is a gentle and effective therapy in which sound frequencies are used to rewire the nervous system at the cellular level.

In the session, you will be bathed in a sea of soothing, rich tones that will help melt away tension and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Sound vibrations will be used to open and expand constricted areas, and unlock blocked emotions. Emotional blockages and stress are at the root of many physical ailments, and when we address these imbalances, we free up the body to channel energy to other areas where healing is needed most.

Many people feel the therapeutic effects of Jessica's sessions immediately. Why not try it, and see if it works for you! Be sure to sign up, as the class fills up fast.