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Class Times are:
Monday 12pm Meditation - 12:30 Yoga
Wednesday 5:30 Meditation - 6pm Yoga
Saturday 11:30 Meditation - 12pm Yoga 

The following classes have been cancelled:
Thursday, Sep 13
Wednesday, Oct 3
Wednesday, Oct 31
Every meditation session is followed by an hour long yoga practice (optional), catered to the needs of the "bodies" participating. Every yoga class will be a unique experience based on the group, however, Candace expects Mondays to be more active, Wednesdays more restorative, and Saturdays somewhere in between.
Yoga is a two thousand year old Asian practice introduced to the Western world by Indian yoga gurus. The discipline utilizes various poses and breathing exercises that load your blood with oxygen, giving you energy and boosting your immune system. Yoga has become popular in the Western world because it builds core strength, aids in body alignment, and promotes relaxation through precise movements. Devotees claim it also helps reveal your true nature and purpose, allowing you to experience the world in a more honest and joyful way. While we love the idea of our patients discovering their higher calling, we just think the idea of doing poses with names like Downward Dog, Cobra, and Warrior Two sounds really cool!

Our yoga classes are taught by Candace. Since receiving her yoga teacher certification in the Spring of 2011, and attending the 8 Elements Initiation Program in Portland, Oregon, Candace has been helping students explore their physical potential with this ancient practice. In her class, students will work on simple breathing techniques to improve focus, then practice alignment through a series of stretches and strength building exercises.

This class is open to all levels, and there is no extra cost to attend. All classes are included in your membership at Elemental. Please bring water, and wear loose comfortable clothing. Yoga mats are provided.



Yoga with Candice at Elemental