Massage appointments will be resuming September 18th, Wednesday - Friday 11am - 3pm and Saturdays 10am - 2pm

Massage has been a long term staple of healing at Elemental Wellness. It is included in your membership as a service offered at no extra cost. More than just a physical experience, massage therapy calms the mind and promotes an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and healing.

Visit our massage healing room and allow our certified Massage Therapist, Elone, to melt your muscle tension away. He joins us from the Core and Advanced Neuromuscular Technique program at the National Holistic Institute, graduating in 2013 with several awards and certificates. He is also a practitioner of a revolutionary new modality called Durmoneuromodulation (DNM).

To understand how DNM works, imagine the muscles are foot soldiers and the nerves are the Sergeants. Instead of manually barking orders at each soldier, one by one, why not speak directly to the Sergeant of the battalion, and ask him to convince the soldiers to relax. Hilton’s Law states, “The nerve supplying a joint (no puns intended) also supplies the muscles that move the joint and the skin covering the surface of those muscles.” Considering that there are approximately 6 yards of sensory nerves per square inch, the nerves are the phone-line to the brain. Hence Elone focuses on gently manipulating and healing nerves controlling the muscles. Elone uses a combination of DNM, Somatic movement techniques, energy work, neuromuscular trigger point work, Myofascial work, and the Chakra system to help his clients reduce and eliminate chronic and acute pain, promote relaxation and rejuvenation. He also educates his clients in how to increase their own mental and physical awareness, which can increase their spiritual development, as well.

Sometimes nothing can turn your day around faster than a great massage. So check our services schedule, and make a massage appointment any time you’re coming in to pick up medicine, or whenever you need a little relaxation. Massage sessions are included in your membership, and are offered at absolutely no cost to you! Book your half hour slot today. Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing for Massage sessions. Please note we will not offer Massage on Tuesdays or Fridays in October, as our massage therapist is unavailable.