Here at Elemental, we pride ourselves on remaining accessible to medical cannabis patients of all types--beginner or veteran, young or old. Considering that individual tolerances for orally ingestible cannabis can vary so significantly, we're constantly striving to keep our shelves stocked with both low- and high-dose edibles.


For patients contempating a foray into medibles, the state of California defines a beginner’s dose as 10 milligrams of THC, while other states have recently begun a “Try 5” milligrams campaign. Experienced users seeking high-potency meds may look to elevate dosage a bit; exactly how much varies between patients and may also change over time.

We glance at several of our most popular selections for low-,medium-, and high-tolerance patients.

Low-Tolerance Patients

KIVA Terra Bites: The Terra Bites from KIVA have been a preferred option among low-dose patients since their arrival on the Elemental shelf. The bites, available in either Espresso or Blueberry, are approximately 5mg each, and come packaged in durable, easy-to-transport tins. No additional cutting or separating of your medicine is required, as the THC is already distributed amongst the bites at safe, low-potency levels. They’re sourced from indica-dominant flower which tend to give users a relaxing, yet functional, effect.

Silver CBD Veda Chews: Patients seeking CBD-rich medicine will want to check out of Silver CBD Veda Chews. These chocolate caramel chews carry 60mg CBD and 20mg THC total, though that dosage is spread throughout four separate chews. Each chew offers 15mg CBD and only 5 mg THC--this promotes the idea of the Entourage Effect, without overwhelming those sensitive to psychoactivity. Patients looking for help with pain management and/or anxiety generally benefit from the chews.

Von Baron Farms 50mg Cookie Spread: One of our newest providers, Von Baron Farms’ Cookie Spread has found its place among low-tolerance members with its 50mg cookie spread. The spread comes contained in a 3oz jar--more than enough volume to sufficiently distribute your medicine. Lightly spread contents onto a piece of toast one to two hours before your desired effects and enjoy. At just $5 a jar, this edible can provide many patients with five to ten doses.


Bliss Almond Macaroons: Considered by numerous patients to be among the best-tasting confections on the edible menu, the Almond Macaroons are also ideal for average-tolerance patients. Boxes come equipped with four macaroons, each containing 30mg of THC. This delicious treat is also great for patients facing dietary restrictions, as it’s both vegan and gluten-free. If macaroons aren’t your thing, Bliss also offers its ‘Peanut Butter Squares’ at 30mg a piece!

Bud Barber 'Barber Bites': Offering five distinct flavors, at least one variety of our Bud Barber bites is sure to appeal to any patient’s taste buds. At a manageable 25mg THC, many patients find these to be a desired balance between extremes, providing a pleasant, therapeutic medicating experience. Suck on the Jolly Rancher-style bite for a while or bite right in--expect palpable euphoria and stress-relief to kick in an hour or two after ingestion.

Bhang 2x Pretzel Peanut Butter Chocolate: One of our most popular providers, Bhang has a substantial edible selection here at Elemental. They provide a variety of different-potency edibles, and members agree their 140mg Pretzel Peanut Butter tends to settle somewhere right in the middle. Easily split into four or more doses, many mid-tolerance patients find around a quarter of the bar to be sufficient medication. Composed of a hybrid mix of various flower, these chocolates offer patients feelings of well-being and relaxation.


On The Rise Large Potent Brownie: Patients who’ve built a strong tolerance for THC will want to take a look at our On the Rise edibles. Their most potent creation, the 373mg Large Brownie or Gingerbread, has been choice among high-dose users for its great value and heavy effects. Available for just $24, On The Rise approximates an average patient will get 11 uses out of this heavy-hitter, though that can vary significantly dependent on the patient. If medicine that has worked for you in the past no longer packs the punch it once did, consider giving On The Rise a try.

Clarified Confections Cookies: Offering 150mg of THC for just $10, Clarified Confections’ line of medicated cookies have been among our best-sellers for quite some time. Offering two cookies per pack, patients can choose from any of Clarified’s seven varieties to fulfill their medical needs. With 75mg packed into each of these nearly bite-sized treats, just a little bit does the trick with this powerful medication. New patients visiting Elemental for their first time can choose any pack of Clarified as their complimentary ‘New Member’ gift.

Bud Barber Firecracker Crispy: An Elemental exclusive, you won’t find the Firecracker Crsipy from The Bud Barber at any other medical cannabis collective. This potent delicacy weighs in at 200mg THC, distributing medicine throughout a delicious, easy-to-break-apart, Rice Crispy treat. Additionally, it’s gluten-free and contains less calories than it does milligrams of THC, which is great for patients seeking healthy means of medication.

With one of the most expansive edible selections in the Bay Area, you’re sure to find something you like at Elemental! If you’d like more info regarding our menu, be sure to ask your consultant at the counter, or, schedule a private consultation for an in-depth, guided look at what medicines will best treat your conditions.

Be well!