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The first step in our extensive and rigorous quality control and lab testing procedures is the visual inspection by a Bio-Evaluation specialist. Utilizing laboratory grade magnifiers and inspection loups, each batch of medicine is examined in order to judge the following:

  • Type of topical: lotion, oil, salve, ointment, etc. The various consistencies of cannabis based topicals are an initial indicator as to how to use the topical, how to properly store it, and it’s susceptibility to molding and or spoiling.
  • Signs of mold and or spoiling. Obviously topical products that exhibit these signs will be deemed unfit for usage. .
  • Smell of the topical. This is an initial indicator that the topical was made in a good environment, that it was manufactured professionally, and that good, quality ingredients were used to create the product..

Below is an example of a medical cannabis extract visual inspection report:.

“The Pure Cannabis Lip Balm appears to be packaged properly. There is no oil or liquid leaking from the container. The balm appears clean and professionally made and I see no signs of contaminants in the container or in the balm. The texture is stable and it appears to have been stored and transported at proper temperatures. The packaging has all of the ingredients listed; all safety warnings and usage guidelines are in place.”
- Bio-Evaluation Specialist at Elemental Wellness Center.

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