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True OG Caps

Kind Elemental
  • 40.00 mg THC
The new “One Of A Kind Elemental” capsules are available in a True OG strain-specific cannabis infused coconut oil. This medicine has a deep emerald coloration that oozes potency, beautifully contained in a clear gel cap. These capsules will have you feeling the magical, medicinal benefits of a long lasting OG Hybrid that can help to treat anxiety, muscle tension, and bodily discomfort; while also providing a strong cerebral effect with heightened sensory perception and an aroused appetite as each capsule contains approximately 40mg THC. At Kind Medicine every batch of raw product is tested for its potency and safety before the caps are ever released, ensuring consistent quality and dosing. A heat-based infusing process de-carboxylates the THCA contained in the strain while also maximizing cannabinoid preservation allowing for excellent strain profile translation of the True OG flower to edible form. Get them exclusively at Elemental Wellness Center.

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