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The True OG

Thai x Pakistani x Chem
Elemental Seeds
  • 23.40% THC

With a hard-core following and fiercely protected genetics cultivated by Elemental Seeds, The True OG is brought to you exclusively by Elemental Wellness Center. With such powerful genetics and popularity the True OG strain received 5 awards in four short years and was also named one of High Times 'Top Strains of 2014.' Read more about our exclusive in-house strain and its deliciously unique qualities here.

Lack of Appetite

Body, Cerebral, Dreamy, Stimulating

Astringent, Citrus, Pine

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Member Reviews

By Gasoline on 12/30/2016
This is the best OG I have ever had in my life. ⛽️
True of
By Me on 12/26/2016
Bomb AF
Red eyes
By The original redeyejedi on 12/24/2016
When waking and baking the True OG wasn't faking, my eyes turned red and my legs stopped aching, fully elevated, my hands stopped shaking went to the kitchen and I raking in the bacon!!!
My favorite
By Kandake Kush on 9/30/2016
I've sampled a modest number of indica and hybrid strains before coming to Elemental Wellness, and The True OG is, by far, the most well-balanced strain I've ever smoked. I use a mini bubbler which really intensifies the high for me. There is never any harshness and I feel pleasantly suspended between relaxation and excitement, which is something I have not experienced until now. Needless to say, my favorite.
I got heela'stoned dude
By Redeyejedi on 6/30/2016
You know it
True OG Review
By Jr on 8/31/2015
Very sedating and relaxing strain. The flowers smell great, piney earthy would be my description This is my go to night time strain, cant go wrong with this 9.5/10

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