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CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan H., who was selected and won our Grand Prize Stashbox, worth over $1,500 in medicine!! And another big congratulations to Patty A., who won our second prize stashbox!!
And of course our first winning ticketholder #8885607! We hope you ALL enjoy your phenomenal treasures!

That's right! We have teamed up with the Weed 4 Warriors Project, and are rolling out a veteran's group led by Kevin their representative every third Sunday of the month at 4pm! Come and experience true support and learn about cannabis, how to deal with PTSD, anger, anxiety and other various ailments.

A special thanks to all who attended our last meeting! We had an incredible turn out!

In order to accomodate our veteran dads who will not be available on Father's Day, our next meeting will be held on Sunday, July 19th!

Hey! We have an awesome new website coming out soon, with an improved menu and ordering system, but we need your updated email to make it happen! Please stop by member services or call us at (408)433-3344 to double check your contact info is up-to-date! Let's make this new website launch amazing, with your participation!


Our medicine is lab-tested to detect the presence of mold, mildew, and biological contaminants, and is analyzed for THC, CBD, and CBN potency. All of our waxes are lab-tested to detect the presence of residual solvents, and biological contaminants.


Please join us in supporting the San Jose Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance. Plastic bags litter our creeks and beaches, choke wild animals, and disintegrate into small particles which can leach cancer causing toxins into our water supply. Bring a bag in and receive 10 points on your Elemental Rewards Card!  Must mention promo.



    • 4th of July weekend deal! Boss OG - 27.07%THC $200/half oz TAX FREE!
    • Pure Kush - 28.74%THC $215/half oz
    • Elmer's Glue - 27.70%THC $215/half oz
    • TRUTH - 25.42%THC $125/half oz
  • ALL SPARK  20.33%THC -MEMBER APPRECIATION- $50/8th (reg. price $60) "Mild, functional indica, with great pain relief and relaxation, and a pleasant thickness behind the eyes that really makes you feel good from the inside out!" 
  • SILVER HAZE 34.90%THC $50/8th A crazy potent sativa that is sure to get your creative juices flowing and deliver an uplifted, heady buzz!
  • PINEAPPLE THAI- 19.07% $35/8th O These Pineapple Thai nugs are chunky and fun to break up. I like to take my time because then I can really enjoy the fruity tropical scent." -Jayde
  • DIABLO OG- 20.99% $45/8th A nice relxing indica that I can use to relax after work. OG Kush makes my muscle tension melt away."  -Luis
  • GREEN HORNET- 23.20% $60/8th A longer lasting Sativa dominant hybrid makes this Green Hornet a number one Staff Pick!
  • JAMAICAN ME CRAZY 19.27%THC $50/8th "A mood- elevating, fruity gem! I love JMC because it is perfect for curing my depression and helps me to prepare for the day." -Jayde
  • CASEY'S DAWG 24.22% $45/8th A cross between Casey Jones x Chemdawg this mid-grade Sativa is an excellent value. "When I need a head heavy strain, this is it!"- Carmen
  • 4th of July weekend deal! ALL AMERICAN BUDLETS THC Varies $25/8th A deliciously potent blend of mid and high grade budlets on a special for this holidaty weekend for $25/8th - that's $10 off ALL WEEKEND!

     Cannot combine discounts,  while supplies last.


  • 4th of July weekend deal! 
    • Red Dragon Live Resin $40/half gram (reg. $50) - 82.07%THC
    • The White Wax $30/gram (reg. $40) - 82.00%THC 
    • Blueberry Patch Wax $25/gram (reg $30) - 72.5%THC
  • BOUTIQUE WEDNESDAYS! That's right! We now offer the 20% OFF on Boutique Bin flowers on Wednesdays, as well as the usual Sunday Boutique Bin! Come pick up your favorite strains at a reduced price!
  • EXTENDED SALE! Save $5 off regular price on select Arctic Extract coldwater extracts:
    • Super Jack Melt 45.59%THC/2.22%CBD $25/gram (reg. $30)
  • 4th of July weekend deal! VENICE COOKIE CO. LEMONADES Get one of each flavor of lemonade and save $8 total! $20/pair (reg. $14/ea)
  • ROYAL KUSH WAX $30/gram - 70.88%THC 
  • CHOCOLATE HASHBERRY WAX $25/gram - 63.66%THC
  • SWEET SKUNK WAX $20/gram - 70.51%THC
    • Chem Dawg 4  $40/gram - 69.75%THC 
    • Diesel Dawg  $50/gram - 72.76%THC 
    • GDP Wax $45/gram - 67.19%THC 
    • Banana $40/half gram  - 77.62%THC
    • Red Dragon $40/half gram  - 82.07%THC
    • Blackberry Platinum Oil - 73.81%THC - $30/half gram
    • Grapefruit Platinum Oil - 77.89%THC - $30/half gram
    • CBD Blend Nectar - 3.6%THC/65.54%CBD $65/gram
    • The True OG Wax 75.63% THC $60/gram (2 for $100)
    • Red Dragon Live Resin 82.07%THC $50/half gram
    • Key Lime Pie Melt - 52.10%THC/2.73%THC - $30/gram
    • Black Beauty (THC-V BLEND) $15/ea

We're proud to be based in Silicon Valley! As a tribute to all our tech savvy members, we "F5" our online pre-order special every Monday with a new l33t deal.
  • The True OG Budlets -$90qtr (reg. $100qtr)- 21.64% The classic and delicious pine and lemon flavored OG, at a great value!
Check back every Monday to find out what the special is!

Every Tuesday we feature different edibles.  Get 20% OFF selected edible brands ALL DAY! It's a great way to try new edibles or stock up on your favorites!  

Next week - July 7
  • SACRED MEDICINAL products are 20% OFF all day!  


  • FREE TOP SHELF PREROLL, OR FREE EDIBLE, OR FREE CLONE with your first contribution
  • SAVE $10 on staff-selected TOP SHELF eighth everyday
  • 100 BONUS POINTS When you bring in a new member
  • 10% OFF MIX & MATCH EIGHTHS! Mix and match any 4 strains to get 10% OFF those eighths.
  • 10% OFF CLONES WHEN YOU GET 10 CLONES* Cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • 10% OFF WEEKDAYS 2:15-4:20pm!  Get 10% OFF your entire contribution on all medicine! 
  • 10% OFF FOR SENIORS, DISABLED MEMBERS, AND VETERANS. Please bring proper documentation, cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • 10% OFF RENEWALS. When you renew your recommendation get 10% OFF your entire contribution! Same day only, with proper documentation. Includes ounces, cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • 20% OFF BIRTHDAYS! Save 20% when you come in on your birthday, must be day of, cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • 20% OFF CANNA-VERSARY! Save 20% when you come in on your Elemental Wellness Center yearly anniversary! Must be day of initial membership, cannot be combined with other discounts.

*All discounts and promotions are while supplies last, with contribution, must mention promo, can't combine discounts.


  • EARN REWARDS POINTS! Get a free member rewards card and earn rewards points towards FREE medicine! Ask for details when you visit. 
  • GET BONUS POINTS Get 100 bonus points on your elemental rewards card when you bring in a new member!


Our in-house strains have earned multiple accolades at the High Times medical Cannabis Cup... 

  • THE TRUE OG High Times Cup Winner in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, 2014! Voted TOP TEN STRAIN of the year by High Times Magazine in 2014! "A fantastic representation of the OG line, very strong pine/oak flavor with a really heavy cerebral rush that settles into a heavy body relaxation effect. Provides very effective pain relief for me." Dustin, Staff
  • YOGI DIESEL This epic strain won 1st place at the 2012 High Times cup for BEST SATIVA! "The king of all diesels! This is the ultimate uplifting strain! It's my go-to when I'm feeling down. A lovely euphoric cerebral experience." Jen, Staff
  • KOSHER KUSH This legendary powerhouse strain took 1st place at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup for BEST INDICA!
  • TANGIE This fruity delight won 1st place at the LA High Times cup in 2013 for BEST SATIVA! "Wow! This smells and tastes just like a ripe tangerine! A cerebral rush!" -Dan, Staff
  • BANANA KUSH 2011 Colorado High Times Cup Winner for BEST INDICA, Featured in Culture magazine. "The fruitiest, sweetest, softest OG Kush phenotype around!"
  • JAMAICAN LION High Times Winner in the best CBD Category. (Mountain Lion x Jamaican Yarders) "Great mood lifter, stress buster, and pain reliever." - Leafly.com
We also carry award winning seeds from Elemental Seed Company:
  • MANGO TANGO Best in Sativa category 2015 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup! This happy, uplifting strain has a euphoria that is beyond compare, with flavors of peach, mango and kush that has been described as "to die for" and "tantalizing"! Way to be #1!
Our dispensary has earned recognition for outstanding service and products...
  • METRO Best Of Silicon Valley winners in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014  and 2015!
  • BEST COLLECTIVE in NorCal in Weedmap's Cannabis Classic!


  • MEAL MATCH DRIVE was a HUGE success thanks to our loyal, conscious members for their generosity this past holiday season! With the donations you made to the Second Harvest Food Bank  you raised a WHOPPING $2050.56! That, paired with Elemental Wellness' dollar-for-dollar match, we donated $4101.02 to help people who needed a warm meal in their bellies this holiday season. Thank you so much for your kindness and charity. Together, we are making a difference in our community!!
  • BREAST CANCER FUND October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and ELEMENTAL WELLNESS and KIND CAPS teamed up to beat the big C together!  Up to 100% of proceeds from contributions towards select medicine were donated to Breast Cancer Fund Thank you to all our cherished members for your participation! We were able to donate over $5,000 to help prevent breast cancer!
  • BLOOD DRIVE Thank you everyone who came by for our previous  blood drive, and so generously donated blood  together we collected enough blood to save 90 lives! Come by our 3rd annnual blood drive!

  •  C.A.R.E. ANIMAL RESCUE EFFORT  Thanks to everyone who participated in our silent auction, and a big thank you to those vendors who donated sale items!  Together we were able to raise over $500 to help rescue homeless animals!
  •  FURRY FRIENDS ANIMAL RESCUE Thank you everyone who generously donated to our fund raiser for Furry Friends Animal Rescue. We were able to donate over $500 to help our little furry friends find new homes.
  • SAN JOSE STAGE COMPANY We're big fans of the performing arts and have proudly donated $25,000 to San Jose's Stage Company. S.J.S.C is dedicated to the development and presentation of new works, with a concentration on American literature, and world classics that illuminate the human condition and speak to the hopes and fears of mankind.
  • SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK Elemental is an active sponsor of the Second Harvest Food Bank, and is honored to receive the Silver Award for its charitable donations. In Elemental's most recent Holiday Meal Match drive, we matched dollar for dollar every donation made by our members, bringing in a total of $4,101 for Second Harvest Food Bank!   
  • AIDS WALK SF Elemental is proud to be a sponsor of this year's San Francisco AIDS walk. This year we were able to donate $5,000 for the cure! Thanks for your continued support!
  • F.Y.M.O. CANCER TREATMENT SUPPORT We a proud supporter of the Fashion Your Mind Organization (FYMO) and have donated $5,000 to help with treatment support for people diagnosed with cancer. FYMO's mission is to ease the burden of children and adults living with cancer and encourage new career paths for participants.




Did you know that we offer REIKI? Join our sessions with Certifed Reiki Practitioner, Gary Turon, every Tuesday & Thursday 3-7pm by appointment OR drop-in. Reiki is offered as a benefit of your membership. To book a private session (typically runs 30-45 minutes), email your preferred time to: info@elementalwellnesscenter.com 
Reiki is a gentle healing therapy, utilizing a quiet, direct touch of the client's clothed body to channel life force energy.  It can reduce stress and sickness.br>  
AWESOME! nbsp; Super relaxing, almost like a soft-touch massage.  I would do it every day  -Ren/Staff
Halfway through the session, I realized I had been holding my breath, which I do a lot.  I breathed deeply, and my stress & pain magically lifted, and I sensed the world to be a tremendously blissful place.Judy, Staff


Every third Friday of every month!

Come in for an informational demo with Jessica and get answers to all your questions about Sound Healing and its therapeutic effects!

No sign up necessary, 5pm in the Member Services foyer.

Jessica Neideffer, a certified Reiki practitioner, brings Sound Healing to elemental.  Expertly playing a veritable orchestra of crystal alchemy bowls, she creates sound frequencies that project deep into the body, reducing stress, and accelerating healing and recovery. 

So what exactly is Sound Healing and why should you try it?  Sound Healing uses the power of "Crystal Sound Technology" to aid the healing process. This is a gentle and effective therapy in which sound frequencies are used to rewire the nervous system at the cellular level.

In the session, you will be bathed in a sea of soothing, rich tones that will help melt away tension and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Sound vibrations will be used to open and expand constricted areas, and unlock blocked emotions. 
Emotional blockages and stress are at the root of many physical ailments, and when we address these imbalances, we free up the body to channel energy to other areas where healing is needed most. 

Many people feel the therapeutic effects of Jessica's sessions immediately.  Why not try it, and see if it works for you! 
Please reserve your spot by sending an email to: info@elementalwellnesscenter.com
Drop-ins will be accommodated as space permits.
This session is a benefit of your membership, and is offered at no extra cost.

Click here for Jessica's Sound Crystal Healing Website


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1:30-2pm.

Charles Shepard is entering his 5th decade in martial arts.  He has trained in 16 major systems of martial arts, and has earned 5 black belts, and a 2nd degree black sash in internal kung fu training. Tai Chi is a benefit of your membership, offered at no extra cost.


Next class is: TBA

Learn about rare strains, find out why certain flowers have such a heavenly bouquet, and why those fragrances may be beneficial to your health.  Discover different modes of medicating, learn tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your medicine, and stay hip with all the cannabis news.

NEW! Are you interested in becoming a taste tester? We're in need of in-depth reviews of our latest and greatest medicine. If you think you have what it takes to become an official tester, join us in our new weekly class, The Buzz, Mondays at 6pm, for a chance to be selected!

Join us for free samples and snacks. 

The Buzz is a benefit of your membership, offered at no extra cost.


Our classes are taught by Molly, a Certified Yoga teacher since 2008. Molly discovered yoga after suffering  a lower back injury. Doctors told her that in order to avoid surgery she would need to become a  to strengthen her back and relieve the pain she was feeling on a daily basis. Never having stepped foot in a gym, she took up yoga. Several years later, an MRI showed that her herniated disc was remarkably healing. Molly attributes this to her daily yoga practice.

A creative individual with a passion for healing and sharing, Molly's focus is to help students understand the power and peace that come through yoga and meditation, staying within her student's comfort level and limitations. Her style can best be described as Vinyasa with a big helping of Iyengar. She puts emphasis on the breath and the effect it has on the body as well as the importance of coordinating movement with breath. Her classes are kept light and fun while maintaining an awareness of staying in the present moment.


Next Class TBA 

We are very sad to see our amazing Chef Gabe end his time with us here, and wish him the best of luck in his journey moving forward! Stay tuned for info on when we will be starting this wonderful class with a new chef!

Our Spiritual Coach has an MA in Conciousness Studies, an MA in Divinity, is a certified chaplin, and the author of "Choosing What's Chosen You".  Join Mark Pelter as he takes you on a journey into the world of spirituality and cannabis. Please stay tuned for upcoming sessions.


2 DAYS A WEEK! Let the healing hands of our certified massage therapist, Frances, soothe your sore muscles. Every Tuesday from 12-2pm, and every Friday from 5-7pm.  Massage sessions are included in your membership, and are offered at absolutely no cost to you!

There is a common misconception that color, texture, and clarity dictate whether or not a concentrate contains harmful chemicals. The truth is, looks can be deceiving, and the only way to know if a concentrate is clean, is to lab-test it.

So which types of concentrates come back from the lab with low scores? Contrary to popular belief, it isn't budders or crumbles that often fail, it's SHATTERS!  A majority of shatters sent to the lab are found to contain dangerous amounts of residual solvents, such as butane, propane, and ethanol. Why?  If you look a little further into the extraction and purging process, your perceptions about this trendy concentrate may be shattered. 

So the next time you visit your favorite dispensary, remember the adage, don't judge a book by its cover. Find out if the extracts are lab-tested for residual solvents. 


We are sorry, but due to new San Jose regulations, we are no longer accepting new medicine providers


Please call 408-433-3344 to make an appointment.  Appointments are available on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri between 12-6pm

Returning providers can drop in on Wednesdays & Fridays 11am -12pm without an appointment. We will see providers on a first come, first served basis.

Clone providers are seen on Mondays by appointment only. Please call 408-433-3344 to make an appointment

We are located at:
711 Charcot Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
P: 408-433-3344
Open 7 Days/Week 9am-9pm 

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