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New Essential Oils 

Many new essential oils added to our menu this morning! Don't miss out on some of these amazing deals!

Fire OG - 70.10%THC $50/gram "Uplifting, stony, and creative!"

SFV OG Kush - 66.38% THC $25/half g 

Blueberry Haze Wax - 72.54%THC $25/half g "Amazing hybrid effects, happy and calming without any couchlock!"

Ace of Spades Wax - 88.81%THC $25/half g

...AND SO MANY MORE! See our menu for full list of essential oils!

While supplies last.

Alta California Botanical Tinctures
100% organic medical cannabis tinctures. Fast acting and effective, they  combine CBD & THC in five product formulations!

$42 various concentrates, 1/2 fluid oz.

Chooselove Peanut Butter Blondies

"It kept me awake and was a great stress reliever during my day. Great tasty peanut butter flavor!"-Kitty 

Regular $24 (300mg THC)
Bite Size $14 (150mg THC)

Check out our latest
Member Review

Kind Caps, 30mg

How was the visual & taste?
It was a capsule & there was no aroma or taste for me.

Why do you medicate?
I have pain from Cancer.

Were the desired effects achieved?
It made me sleepy and helped to make the pain bearable.

15mg THC 4 pack /30mg THC 4 pack. $8-16
in Sativa, Indica, assorted A/M P/M, & CBD!

NEW KIND Medicine Olive Oil CBD Tincture!

15ml $32/ea, 30ml $60/ea - 10mg CBD/3.6mg THC per ml

"Soothing, fast acting inflammation relief - felt it in my joints and the back of my neck, and helped me be my usual cheery self!" -Kitty

Ask your consultant, or check our menu for additional information!


Our medicine is lab-tested to detect the presence of mold, mildew, and biological contaminants, and is analyzed for THC, CBD, and CBN potency. All of our waxes are lab-tested to detect the presence of residual solvents, and biological contaminants.

Please join us in supporting the San Jose Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance. Plastic bags litter our creeks and beaches, choke wild animals, and disintegrate into small particles which can leach cancer causing toxins into our water supply. Bring a bag in and receive 10 points on your Elemental Rewards Card!  Must mention promo.


     Cannot combine discounts,  while supplies last.
   NEW & FEATURED ITEMS While Supplies Last.


The month of love gets steamy... 

When you cuddle up with our premium Koil Vape Pen, on special in February.

Buy One get One FREE!

All through February.Cannot combine discounts.

We're proud to be based in Silicon Valley! As a tribute to all our tech savvy members, we're offering cyberiffic deals every Monday when you place an online order.
      LEMON SKUNK WAX  $15/half gram
      Pre order only!  While supplies last. Limit 1. 

Thurs Feb 19th
     Gong Hey Fat Choy! (Happy New Year) Celebrate the year of the Goat with some extra good luck!
      LUCKY BLEND PREROLL (23.33% THC) $12/each (Reg $15) 

Every Tuesday we feature different edibles.  Get 20% OFF selected edible brands ALL DAY! It's a great way to try new edibles or stock up on your favorites!  Tues February 24th, ALL KIND MEDICINE VARIETIES are 20% OFF all day!

*All discounts and promotions are while supplies last, with contribution, must mention promo, can't combine discounts.&nnbsp;



The True OG top ten strain of the year voted by high times magazine


Our in-house strains have earned multiple accolades at the High Times medical Cannabis Cup... 

Our dispensary has earned recognition for outstanding service and products...





Did you know that we offer REIKI? Join our sessions with Certifed Reiki Practitioner, Gary Turon, every Tuesday & Thursday 3-7pm by appointment OR drop-in. Reiki is offered as a benefit of your membership. To book a private session (typically runs 30-45 minutes), email your preferred time to: 
Reiki is a gentle healing therapy, utilizing a quiet, direct touch of the client's clothed body to channel life force energy.  It can reduce stress and>  
AWESOME!  Super relaxing, almost like a soft-touch massage.  I would do it every day  -Ren/Staff
Halfway through the session, I realized I had been holding my breath, which I do a lot.  I breathed deeply, and my stress & pain magically lifted, and I sensed the world to be a tremendously blissful place.Judy, Staff



Jessica Neideffer, a certified Reiki practitioner, brings Sound Healing to elemental.  Expertly playing a veritable orchestra of crystal alchemy bowls, she creates sound frequencies that project deep into the body, reducing stress, and accelerating healing and recovery. 

So what exactly is Sound Healing and why should you try it?  Sound Healing uses the power of "Crystal Sound Technology" to aid the healing process. This is a gentle and effective therapy in which sound frequencies are used to rewire the nervous system at the cellular level.

In the session, you will be bathed in a sea of soothing, rich tones that will help melt away tension and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Sound vibrations will be used to open and expand constricted areas, and unlock blocked emotions. 
Emotional blockages and stress are at the root of many physical ailments, and when we address these imbalances, we free up the body to channel energy to other areas where healing is needed most. 

Many people feel the therapeutic effects of Jessica's sessions immediately.  Why not try it, and see if it works for you! 
Please reserve your spot by sending an email to:
Drop-ins will be accommodated as space permits.
This session is a benefit of your membership, and is offered at no extra cost.

Click here for Jessica's Sound Crystal Healing Website


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1:30-2pm.

Charles Shepard is entering his 5th decade in martial arts.  He has trained in 16 major systems of martial arts, and has earned 5 black belts, and a 2nd degree black sash in internal kung fu training. Tai Chi is a benefit of your membership, offered at no extra cost.


Mondays at 6pm.  

Learn about rare strains, find out why certain flowers have such a heavenly bouquet, and why those fragrances may be beneficial to your health.  Discover different modes of medicating, learn tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your medicine, and stay hip with all the cannabis news.

NEW! Are you interested in becoming a taste tester? We're in need of in-depth reviews of our latest and greatest medicine. If you think you have what it takes to become an official tester, join us in our new weekly class, The Buzz, Mondays at 6pm, for a chance to be selected!

Join us for free samples and snacks. 

The Buzz is a benefit of your membership, offered at no extra cost.


Saturday, March 7th  No yoga class

Every Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat 12pm. All members welcome, this class is a benefit of your membership and offered at no extra cost.

Our classes are taught by Molly, a Certified Yoga teacher since 2008. Molly discovered yoga after suffering  a lower back injury. Doctors told her that in order to avoid surgery she would need to become a  to strengthen her back and relieve the pain she was feeling on a daily basis. Never having stepped foot in a gym, she took up yoga. Several years later, an MRI showed that her herniated disc was remarkably healing. Molly attributes this to her daily yoga practice.

A creative individual with a passion for healing and sharing, Molly�‚„s focus is to help students understand the power and peace that come through yoga and meditation, staying within her student's comfort level and limitations. Her style can best be described as Vinyasa with a big helping of Iyengar. She puts emphasis on the breath and the effect it has on the body as well as the importance of coordinating movement with breath. Her classes are kept light and fun while maintaining an awareness of staying in the present moment.

Every Tuesday 5:30pm offered at no extra cost.


Tues Feb 24thSpicy kisses lip balm & No more pain rub

Chef Gabriel is an accomplished chef whose culinary adventures include a stint as Senior Cook at Crown and Merril colleges, a coveted position whipping up edible masterpieces for the top execs at the main campus of Google, and an appointment as Head Chef of the trendy Ciao Bella Restaurant in Ben Lomond. Gabriel has lived and worked on organic farms in Hawaii, and is well versed in the art of vegan and vegetarian cuisine.  He is also a master at customizing menus to accommodate diners with unique and challenging food allergies.  He has been trained in HACAAP federal food safety standards, and is Serv Safe certified. Register at

Our Spiritual Coach has an MA in Conciousness Studies, an MA in Divinity, is a certified chaplin, and the author of "Choosing What's Chosen You".  Join Mark Pelter as he takes you on a journey into the world of spirituality and cannabis. Please stay tuned for upcoming sessions.


2 DAYS A WEEK! Let the healing hands of our certified massage therapists soothe your sore muscles. Every Tuesday from 12-2pm,  and every Friday from 5-7pm.  Massage sessions are included in your membership, and do not cost extra

There is a common misconception that color, texture, and clarity dictate whether or not a concentrate contains harmful chemicals. The truth is, looks can be deceiving, and the only way to know if a concentrate is clean, is to lab-test it.

So which types of concentrates come back from the lab with low scores? Contrary to popular belief, it isn't budders or crumbles that often fail, it's SHATTERS!  A majority of shatters sent to the lab are found to contain dangerous amounts of residual solvents, such as butane, propane, and ethanol. Why?  If you look a little further into the extraction and purging process, your perceptions about this trendy concentrate may be shattered. 

So the next time you visit your favorite dispensary, remember the adage, don't judge a book by its cover. Find out if the extracts are lab-tested for residual solvents. 


We are sorry, but due to new San Jose regulations, we are no longer accepting new medicine providers

Please call 408-433-3344 to make an appointment.  Appointments are available on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri between 12-6pm

Returning providers can drop in on Wednesdays & Fridays 11am -12pm without an appointment. We will see providers on a first come, first served basis.

Clone providers are seen on Mondays by appointment only. Please call 408-433-3344 to make an appointment

We are located at:
711 Charcot Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
P: 408-433-3344

Open 7 Days/Week 9am-9pm 

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