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Mint Irish Cream Chocolate Mini

  • 45.00 mg THC
Kiva Confections makes an incredibly tasty line of edible chocolatière quality products that are infused with high quality cannabis in a carefully crafted chocolate bar. The Mint Irish Cream Kiva Bar blends creamy milk chocolate with mint and rich cocoa flavor and cannabis for a decadent way to medicate. Kiva chocolates tend to produce a well balanced and euphoric effect.

Anxiety, Lack of Appetite, Muscle Tension

Calming, Cerebral, Relaxing


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Member Reviews

Kivas best
By Near on 4/23/2016
Out of all the flavors Kiva has to offer anyone will tell you mint Irish Cream is their best. It tastes almost like the Andes after dinner mints but, better... they're medicated. 9/10 an hour to take full effect. Two hours medicated. Thirty minutes come down. Total three and a half hours.
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