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On-Site Policies
Know Before You Go

Thank you for visiting this page, and taking the time to get acquainted with our basic policies. We are so glad you decided to visit us, and will do our best to accommodate you in every way, however, there are some city regulations that we all need to follow to make your visit smooth and enjoyable. They are listed below.

What to Bring

To become a member at Elemental, you must be 21 years or older, and bring an embossed doctor’s recommendation and a valid California picture ID on every visit, regardless of how often you come. Be sure to bring your embossed renewal when you renew your doctor’s recommendation, so we can update our records.  In addition, when you make a purchase with us, we will provide you with a free re-useable opaque childproof bag.  Please bring that bag on your subsequent visits, so we can contain your medicine in it.  If you do not bring back the bag there is a $1.50 charge for a new replacement bag.   


Parking at the center is plentiful, with over 30 private spaces and two designated handicapped spots. We are an A.D.A. certified facility. There is plenty of street parking, too. The front entrance of the building is allocated for members who have placed online preorders. The back of the building is where our main entrance is located. At night our members are welcome to use either entrance.  Please be aware that San Jose Regulations require all patients to be 21 years or older to be on the premises and in the parking lot.


There is no smoking allowed anywhere inside or on the grounds of the facility. To respect our neighbors, please refrain from using your vape pen in the parking lot.


Minors are not permitted inside the facility or in the parking lot. Anyone under 21 years old is considered a minor. We’re sorry, but you are not allowed to bring guests into the center.  Anyone who is not a patient must wait in the car. 

Service Animals

We love animals, but pets are not allowed. Only service animals can accompany their owners inside the center. We request that you keep your service animal on a leash, and not allow them to sit on counters. Non-service animals need to be left outside the center. Please leave the windows of your car cracked for ventilation so Fido is comfortable while he waits for you.

How Many Visits?

San Jose Regulations allow patients more than one visit per day.  This means if you forgot something on your visit, you are free to return to Elemental on the same day and make another contribution towards medicine.

Prohibited Items?

Patients are not permitted to bring in any type of weapons.

Cell Phone Policy

Members are welcome to use their mobile devices while at the center. However, we ask that you respect the privacy of your fellow members, and refrain from taking any pictures, videos, or using your recording function. In order to maintain a tranquil environment, we do not permit phone calls while in the dispensary.


Your medicine must be concealed in an opaque, childproof bag when leaving the center. We will provide you with this custom childproof bag on your first visit.  Please help us save the environment, and bring back the childproof bag on all subsequent visits, so we can re-use it for your next purchase.  If you do not bring the bag, there is a $1.50 charge for a new replacement bag.   

Caregiver’s Certificate

Your medicine is for your personal use only. If you suggest to us that you are purchasing medicine to sell to a friend or family member, we regret that we will not be able to serve you. 

San Jose Regulations

Thank you for helping us comply with these San Jose regulations.  If you help us follow these reasonable protocols, we can continue to provide safe access to patients for a long time to come!

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