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Helpful Tips About What to Bring When You Visit

California picture ID, Original Doctor’s Recommendation, Reusable bag

Must I bring my doctor’s recommendation every time I visit?

You must bring your doctor’s recommendation and California ID every time you visit. Our Member Services team will use these to verify that you are currently a valid patient. We do not keep or make a copy of your ID or Doctor’s Recommendation for our files, however we use a database to keep track of your card’s expiration date and doctor’s information.

Do you have an A.T.M. on site?

We have an ATM on site. We also accept all major credit cards. Unfortunately, American Express has chosen not to do business with any cannabis dispensaries, so we can not accept Amex.

My recommendation is about to expire

Once you renew your recommendation, you must bring the embossed renewal of your doctor’s recommendation (and your California photo ID) to Elemental, so that we can update your files, with the new expiration date. Unfortunately, a photocopy cannot be accepted.

Does my Doctor’s Recommendation provide legal protection?

Medical cannabis from most dispensaries is distinctively packaged and labeled. When you leave Elemental Wellness, put your medicine in the trunk of your car for transportation home. Transporting your medicine in a closed container 'out of reach' shows that you are not medicating while driving, which is against the law. Police officers take a less forgiving approach with unlabeled substances carelessly stuffed into a bag sitting on the passenger seat. They show even less lenience for anyone caught medicating in public or in a vehicle. L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) informs us that police officers cannot search your trunk without reasonable cause. Nevertheless, always carry your doctor’s recommendation. The Attorney General’s guidelines state that a physician’s recommendation provides protection from arrest. If you do get pulled over, present your recommendation. It provides proof that you are legally permitted in the state of California to purchase and use cannabis for a medical condition.

It’s my first time visiting a dispensary. Can I ask questions?

The staff and volunteers in the medical cannabis industry are kind and compassionate people. They believe in the health benefits of the plant and understand the subtle differences among the many choices of strains available. They are glad to help you make sense of it all and happy to share their knowledge, so don't hesitate to ask them questions.

Do you ship medicine?

Though we do offer pre-order on our website, we do not yet accept payment online, nor do we ship medicine. If you choose to place an order on our website, we will reserve the medicine for you.  You will then need to visit us to pay for, and pick up your medicine.  For more information about our delivery option, visit our delivery page.

Do I need to bring a bag, like I do at the supermarket?

In January 2012, Santa Clara County adopted an ordinance stating: “Grocery stores, pharmacies, small and large retailers will no longer be allowed to provide plastic carryout bags at checkout; Stores may still provide paper bags made of 40% post-consumer recycled material, and charge a minimum of ten cents for each bag. The same policy is in effect at the dispensary, so bring your own bag (the same type you would use at the grocery store) and avoid the tent cent charge. Elemental Wellness does provide bags for anyone who needs one, and the ten-cents charge is always donated to environmental charities, such as Ocean Conservancy. To date, we have collected and donated over $8,000 to environmental charities. Ultimately, as long as your medicine is concealed as you exit the facility, you are free to transport it however you like.

What discounts do you offer?

Visit us weekdays between 2:15pm and 4:20pm to receive a 10% discount on all your medicine. On Sundays we often have a “Boutique Bin” (with select medicine previously on the menu but discontinued) where some real treasures can be found. Other discounts include our 25% Birthday Discount, our 15% Wisdom Discount (55 or older), our 15% Veterans Discount and our 20% Disability Discount. For a complete list, see our Member Discounts page located under the Membership tab.

I want to grow my own cannabis

For a variety of reasons some people prefer to grow their own medicinal cannabis rather than buy it. Senate Bill 420 allows CA prop 215 patients to cultivate up to six mature plants for their personal use. No further licensing or approvals are needed. Additionally, multiple patients may join together to create a cooperative or “collective” grow operation where each member of the collective is responsible for up to six plants within a larger growing operation. There are no limits to the number of members, and not all members are required to participate in the actual cultivation. While staying within the regulations originally set forth in SB420 is highly encouraged for patients, the California Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that it is unconstitutional to limit patients’ rights in the cultivation of cannabis, and as long as it is deemed medically necessary by their physician, a patient may cultivate as many plants needed to address a medical condition. However, local laws do still apply and should be adhered to depending on your particular location. Visit the CANORML Web site for a summary of the local medical marijuana laws in your county. And remember, you are welcome to attend our Crop Circle Grow Class to learn how to grow. There is no extra charge for this class. It is a benefit of your membership at Elemental Wellness!


What taxes do I pay?

Currently all patients who visit a San Jose dispensary pay the standard 8.75% sales tax. They also pay an additional 10% tax for cannabis products. However, be advised that on November 8, 2016, California voters decided to approve Proposition 64, Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This made certain sales of medical marijuana exempt from certain taxes (if the member has a State Card). Effective January 1, 2018, a 15 percent excise tax may be imposed upon purchasers of all marijuana and marijuana products (both recreational users and medical patients). Additionally, a tax on cultivators of marijuana will be imposed. Please refer to our prop 64 page for more information.


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