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Become a Provider
A Note from Our Purchasing Department

Elemental is looking for new patient providers! In order to ensure that the patients of Elemental have access to new and varying medicine, we are putting out a call to our members to establish some new relationships. If you have excess medicine that you would like to make available, please email our Purchasing Department to schedule an appointment at: [email protected] Do keep in mind we operate on 3-4 week consignment payment terms. Also, there are many strains that we see regularly, and may be less able to work with. If you have Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, Dream Queen, Grand Daddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer varieties, OG Kush varieties, or Super Silver Haze varieties it will be difficult for us to find a place on our shelves for it. If you see a strain on our menu regularly, you can safely assume we have a member who provides us with that variety already. Please bring in your rare, unique, or highly sought after strains. We look forward to meeting with you, and continuing to increase our selection of medicine from the best member providers in the San Jose area! Sincerely, Rachael and Haley

How to Contact Us

New Flower and Concentrate Providers should send an email to [email protected] Please include the name of the strain and/or product that you would like to provide. Through email, our Purchasing department will schedule you an appropriate appointment based on the product that you have available, and our inventory levels of that type of product. When you do receive an appointment date and time, please bring 454 grams of flower and/or 50 grams of concentrate for our Purchasing Experts to review.

Flower Providers

Please bring at least one full pound (454 grams) of flowers with you on your first visit. Your medicine will be examined for potency and contaminants with a digital microscope and the QuantaCann. The QuantaCann is a laboratory-grade cannabis testing unit powered by Steep Hill Halent laboratories that utilizes Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to analyze moisture and potency. The digital microscope is used to detect visual traces of biological contaminants such as mold, mildew, spider mites, or other pests. For further review, flowers are submitted to an accredited laboratory for comprehensive analysis. Flowers which exhibit any traces of contaminants will be rejected.

Vending Concentrates

Please bring at least 50 grams of concentrate with you on your first visit. All concentrates are submitted to an accredited lab for traditional potency, pathogenic mold, and residual solvent testing.

Vending Edibles and Topicals

All Edible and Topical Providers must drop off samples with Member Services. All samples must be pre-packaged in their final packaging. We will not accept any samples that are not individually packaged. If the samples meet our needs, a member of our purchasing team will contact you to set up an appointment.

  • List ingredients.
  • List dosage information and milligrams of THC and/or CBD.
  • Bring at least 10 samples to guarantee accurate feedback.
  • Steer clear of anything colorful or potentially appealing to children.
  • San Jose regulations require that you avoid clear packaging.
  • Avoid established food/ingredient brand names.
  • Do not use the word “organic”.
  • Avoid duplicates of products we already carry.
Vending Clones

Clone Providers are seen by appointment. Please call 408-433-3344 or email [email protected] to make an appointment with our Clone Manager.

  • For ease of handling and watering, we prefer rockwool slabs of 50 – 72 cubes per tray.
  • Cuttings should be healthy, green, and have ample, bright white roots.
  • Cuttings cannot have twisted growing shoots or burned leaves..
  • Only clones without bugs, mildew, or algae will be considered.
Compensation Guidelines

We work on an open terms basis with flowers and concentrates. At the time of purchase, a firm payment date will be set 4 weeks from purchase. You will be paid on that day, whether or not your medicine is still on our shelf. Your compensation is contingent on the residual solvent analysis and/or microbiological test results. This means that if your medicine tests positive for pathogenic molds or residual solvents at the lab we must return it to you, minus the lab sample. Elemental Wellness strives to provide the highest quality cannabis to our members, so we ask our providers to meet very high standards. Do not be discouraged if we don’t accept your medicine the first time. Many providers try several times before succeeding. Please come back again. We are always happy to review your product, give feedback, and hopefully build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Compensation Rates: Flowers
  • Compensation is based on the ‘bag appeal’ of the medicine.
  • This includes the visual appeal of the flowers, such as the bud structure, and the quality of the smell.
  • For outdoor/greenhouse medicine you can expect $800-$2,000 per lb. depending on the season.
  • For indoor medicine you can expect $800 - $3,000 per lb.
  • We do buy outdoor/greenhouse medicine, but it must be very high quality.
Compensation Rates: Concentrates
  • Cold water concentrates range from $5-$17.5 per gram, depending on the quality of the melt when touched with a flame.
  • Kiefs range from $5–$7.5 per gram, depending on the cleanliness of the kief.
  • Waxes and oils range from $5 - $25 per gram.
  • Only clones without bugs, mildew, or algae will be considered.
Compensation Rates: Edibles
  • Due to the variation within the edible market a solid price range cannot be pre-determined.
  • Historically our edibles range from $2-$15 per unit depending on the potency.
  • Cuttings cannot have twisted growing shoots or burned leaves..
  • Only clones without bugs, mildew, or algae will be considered.
Compensation Rates: Clones
  • Typically $6 per stem.
  • Variances in pricing can occur.
Sources of Medicine

Elemental Wellness exclusively accepts medicine from legally qualified patients who are cultivating in accordance with California law and have signed our collective cultivation agreement.

Clean Green Certification

We encourage members to participate in the Clean Green garden inspection program. As a USDA Organic Certifier with over 40 years of experience in agriculture, Chris Van Hook founded the Clean Green program. Chris is also a licensed attorney, and follows procedures to ensure confidentiality of information when certifying producers. Clean Green certification indicates the cannabis was grown, processed, handled, stored, transported, packaged, labeled and distributed using standards and procedures that comply with national and international guidelines for organic and sustainable farming.

Best Practices Certification

We encourage members to participate in the Best Practices garden inspection program. It is run with the same protocols as the Clean Green program. The only difference between the two programs is the Best Practices program allows the use of synthetic fertilizers and inputs.

Be a Responsible Provider

Irresponsible growing results in environmental damage and gives a bad name to the community and to the movement as a whole. We respectfully request that our providers abide by environmentally sound growing techniques.

Standard Practices for Safe and Clean Grow Rooms
  • Safe disposal of nutrients
  • Sanitization between every harvest.
  • Safe disposal of diesel fuels used to run equipment.
  • Avoid toxic pesticides.
  • Proper/safe wiring.
  • Take measures to prevent mold, mildew, and pests.
  • Properly filtered intake and outtake vents.
  • Keep animals out of all areas.
  • As a purchasing department in an ever-changing market, we choose not to suggest specific strains to grow, but we do encourage you to grow rare and boutique flowers. Keep in mind, by the time you finish your flowers, you may be looking at a very different market.
  • Trim as tightly as possible; our members like “naked” flowers.
  • Remove any buds which are damaged, underdeveloped, or smaller than a nickel. We are more likely to accept your medicine if it has been graded properly, by bud size.
  • We do purchase the smaller buds separately for half the price of the larger buds.
  • Proper/safe wiring.
  • We encourage you to attend our weekly grow class, The Crop Circle.
Vendor Safety Tips

Vendor safety is very important to Elemental Wellness. Our parking lot is carefully monitored by our Safety Staff and surveillance cameras. To further our efforts to ensure your safety, we ask that you follow these basic safety procedures:

  • Be alert as you arrive and depart.
  • Report any suspicious activities to our Safety Staff, including vehicles or persons you feel may be a threat.
  • Keep all valuables in your vehicle out of sight, in the trunk, in a lock box or a locked bag. Bring a friend or partner with you whenever possible.
  • If at any time you feel your safety is in jeopardy, or you are certain that you are being followed, you should consider calling 911.
  • Keep all cultivation information and activities strictly on a need-to-know basis.


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