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Member Benefits

Your experience at Elemental should be more than just a visit to pick up your medicine. We truly want you to feel your best. As a member of our collective, you’ll have access to a number of classes and services to help you achieve your personal wellness goals. There is no extra cost for our full range of offerings. They are a privilege of your membership, and we invite you to enjoy all of them.

Interested in trying some bodywork? Our expert massage therapist knows just what you need to release those tight muscles. We welcome you to drop-in on your lunch break or schedule a session on our website.

Many people can attest to the holistic health benefits of practicing Yoga and Tai Chi. Time honored traditions for honing the mind and the muscles, classes are here for the taking, throughout the week. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Sound Therapy. Through skilled aural manipulation of crystal alchemy bowls, soothing sound frequencies penetrate deep into the body relieving stress, promoting deep relaxation, and providing greater clarity.

If you’re interested in the latest trends in the field of medical cannabis, you’ll want to attend our “Meetup sessions”. These informative and fun get togethers teach members about the best devices, new strains, and the coolest tips and tricks to get the most out of their medicine.

And the pampering doesn’t end there. When you’ve finished your services, you’ll step onto our beautiful dispensary floor, where you’ll bathe in the sweet perfume of rare boutique strains, and let out a sweet exhale as you enjoy the best discounts on lab-tested medicine in the Bay area.

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