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Menthol Salve

Kind Medicine
25 ml menthol rub for aches, pains and sore spots. Made by Kind Medicine. Also comes in 50 ml size container. Non psychoactive.

Muscle Spams, Muscle Tension, Pain: Muscle/Joint, Skin Irritation



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Pain in wrists
By Becca on 2/6/2017
Kind rub is giving me relief from De Quervain's disease in my wrists. It's a painful type of arthritis I developed during pregnancy. Two rounds of steroid shots to fix the problem is the worst pain I've ever experienced on purpose, not even giving birth was that bad. Thumb side of my wrists have a swollen knot at the bone where my tendon starts. The tendon is ultra tight and will sometimes lock my thumb in certain positions. I use my other hand to pull it out of lock. I have to type so this friggin six. This rub takes away all pain and stiffness leaving my wrists with fluid glorious motion. Thank you for making this!!!!! Note: First jar was given to us by a friend, will be buying more for sure!!!
❤️❤️❤️❤️ This stuff!
By Princess Biker on 10/5/2015
I liked this the best of all the topical so I have found to help with scare tissue pain and frozen shoulder. I had my massage therapist start using it on me and WOW what a difference!!!! I never leave reviews , ever, that's how good this is.

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