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Auntie Blues Tincture

Forest Nymph Botanical
A vegetable glycerin tincture made with Organic Sativa, this blend uses complementary herbs and Goji juice to lift one’s spirits and provides across the board neurological support. Passion flower is known as the “calming herb,” able to help modulate the nervous system between hyperactivity and low energy. Schizandra and American ginseng are immune modulating adaptagens, Melissa and Chamomile are popular sleep time teas and Gotu Kola is used as a brain and nerve tonic. Our herbalist has designed this formula to provide calm and relaxation to conditions of anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and relief for mild depression. May be taken with prescription anti-depressants without contraindication. Recommended dosage: 1 Teaspoon. To learn more about Forest Nymph Products, please visit:

Anxiety, Depression

Happy, Uplifting

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