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The Buzz

The Buzz has been temporarily suspended, stay tuned for more info.

Stay on top of all the latest & greatest happenings in medical cannabis with our weekly class, The Buzz. Get insider information and try product samples of our new medicine, gain insight into the science behind medical cannabis, learn how the scent of your favorite strains can be beneficial to your health, and always stay updated on the latest breaking news in medical cannabis.

What’s more, want a chance to win some marvelous medicine? The Buzz has our members jumping for joy each month, when they win big during our popular game nights. Try your luck at Bingo, Mary Jane Jeopardy, and Pictionary!. Whether you’re there to meet & mingle, or want to test your strain knowledge, we’re sure you’ll love these exciting social nights, so swing by Elemental every Monday at 6PM and find out what all the buzz is about!

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