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White Chocolate CBD Chews

  • 60.00 mg CBD
  • 20.00 mg THC
CBD White Chocolate Chew

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The most relief I've had in years
By Sasha on 9/25/2016
I was hesitant to try any CBD or THC product but decided to try the chews after looking at my medicine cabinet and realized I was taking RX's for back pain, Antibiotics and steroids for an allergy and immune system issue and was suffering he side effects from each RX. I'm so glad I took the plunge and tried the chews. I take a small amount in the morning~ it alleviates my allergies (itchy face, eyes, scalp) and allows me to eat whatever I want throughout the day without feeling any effects or euphoria. The only RX I still need are my seizure meds.
it's nice to know you're not bound to the pharmaceutical companies and have a natural alternative that works AND is safe.
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