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CBD Lotion

The Bud Barber
  • 10.00 mg CBD
Soothing, pain relieving lotion made by The Bud Barber, this bottle contains 10mg CBD.

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Member Reviews

I love this!!
By ALYSSA on 5/2/2016
This stuff works. I use it for all my aches and pains. Have a migraine? Rub some of this on your temples. Back hurt? Use this. Hands hurt from typing ALL day?? THIS CREAM WORKS. Seriously try it. Your body will thank you!
Instant Relief
By PaulaC on 9/13/2015
I have been using this lotion for about one year now. It works. Hands down. Within a munute of application i get relief of my acute fibrimyalgia, sciatica, low back and chronic pain. I also use it for my anxiety and insomnia. No one paid me to write this. It just works that good and that fast. I used 3 bottles in a year. My dispensary is no longer carrying it so I'm driving down to EW in SJ to get it today.
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