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CBD Capsules

Kind Medicine
  • 11.00 mg CBD
  • 5.00 mg THC
At Kind Medicine every batch of raw product is tested for its potency and safety before the caps are ever released, ensuring consistent quality and dosing. A heat-based infusing process decarboxylates the THCA contained in the strain while also maximizing cannabinoid preservation allowing for excellent strain profile translation of the flower to edible form. The CBD Kind Medicine Capsules are specifically formulated to help treat pain and bodily discomfort and, in controlled doses, can be used to help treat depression and anxiety.

Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Lack of Appetite, Muscle Spams, Muscle Tension, Seizures

Body, Calming, Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting

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Member Reviews

CBD for depression and anxiety
By Tami D on 1/12/2016
I recently switched from THC to CBD with the help of my naturopathic doc as anxiety and depression relief. I refuse to take FDA antidepressants--I've witnessed the side effects on family and friends that take them. Along with amino acid therapy, thyroid supplements, and vitamin D supplements prescribed from my doc, CBD Kind Caps have done wonders for panic attacks, anxiety, and depression without the stoneyness. I often need a clear mind and CBD gives me me relief when all panic hell wants to breaks lose or I want to hide in bed all day. The effects I get are calming, relaxation, energetic, and the ability to see the big picture. It also helps with social anxiety. I stopped drinking alcohol three months ago to help get rid of my depression and beer or tequila used to get me through a party or other social event. CBD calms my social nerves and allows me to have a good time and not even care that I don't have a drink. CBD grounds me when I'd otherwise have a mental health freak out. I'm excited that I found something natural to quiet my depression and anxiety bitches while I'm on the road to recovery.

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