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Blood Orange Caramel

  • 25.00 mg THC
Choose Love's Blood Orange Caramel is delicious with a strong flavor of ripe and refreshing sweet blood oranges. Made with lots of love and an old fashioned recipe Choose Love creates deliciously creamy and rich caramels that are potent and tend to produce a strong, faster-acting cerebral effect. At 25mg THC per caramel these treats easy to cut for smaller dosing.

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Messy goodness
By Near on 4/23/2016
The Blood orange Caramel has a sweet juicy orange fruit punch flavor. The only downfall to this whole concept is that if the edible is in any temperature past 70 degrees Fahrenheit it sticks to the plastic. which breaks apart pretty easilly. My suggestion is to freeze it for about twenty minutes and
unwrap it to avoid the mess. I usually
Re wrap it in parchment or butcher paper. 7/10 for packaging and texture

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